28 February 2004

Suction that doesn't quit!

I have been reading the reviews and thinking about buying this vacuum for a few months:

I bought it today at Best Buy. It wasn't cheap, but after using it... It's the dog's bulllocks! It is, by far, the best vacuum I have ever used. If you have animals, you NEED this vacuum! If you have allergies, you NEED this vacuum! It's ugly (ours is purple & gray), but who the hell really looks at their vacuum?


25 February 2004

Sweet Vibrations...

They will make anything...

Get your own now!

Hmmm... Tracy, are you sure you don't want a tongue piercing?

22 February 2004


His name was John? I find that kinda lame. They could have just left it unknown...


19 February 2004

Paul Brians, you are an idiot...

Have you been to the South? Have you spoken to any one who uses the phrase "y'all"

"Y'all" is properly used only when addressing two or more people." -Paul Brians

NO, it's "All y'all" Do these people fact check?!?!?!

15 February 2004

Bit Torrents are the BOMB!

If you haven't taken notice of BitTorrents...

You must go download Azureus

Find your torrents here:


It's worth the bandwidth consumption. I have been a major leech for several things, but I have a share ratio of 11.46 on Torrentbits.

Mmmm, milking the school's resources...

11 February 2004

I must have these!!!

Check Dork


10 February 2004

Utah X-TREME!!!

What is Drew Doing?
Not sure what Drew was doing, but it scared everyone!

Certain Death!

Random Scenery

09 February 2004


You are a worthless fuck!

Go back to Hungry!


04 February 2004

Mmmm, Park City...

We leave on Thursday night... w00t!