15 August 2004

Let the nightmare begin...

This is my new wiring {{popup harness.jpg harness 640x480}}harness.

I don't know where half of these plugs go! I predict 10 hours of install time. Eeek!

Ok, so in 4.5 hours I managed to get the loom installed and run to all of the proper equipment/connection points. I haven't connected the instruments, as that alone will take a few hours.

I now have running lights! Yay, but I don't have turn signals or brake lights!@##!$#%!@#$%!@#$!@#

Fucking Lucas Electronics!!!!


all said...

Remember when you tried to cut the loom w/ the dykes...and, ah, the car's starter went off...that was funny...Yay for running lights! Now get the light for your fuel gauge working.

wb said...

Maybe you missed the part about my BRAKE LIGHTS!!! fuck the fuel gauge... I need people to see me braking!

handrail said...

heh, have fun with that. i looked at a website (my2002tii.com) where the guy totally redid his wiring harness...not looking like the fun.