22 September 2004

Hey GOP and other assorted idiots!

Enough already. Common sense would tell you that this is a given. You call it a war, but we can't be expected to expect more attacks?

Jesus was stupid. Be like your Lord, pass the coke.

Peace? How?

"Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living."
- General Omar Bradley

16 September 2004

I'm not the only one to use the name, er statement,

Or whatever the hell you want to call it...

Read the picture caption.

15 September 2004

On the car welding.

I separated my tail pipe from my muffler the day All & I went to Frank's to look at his mini.

Tonight, I decided to get under the car and fix the u-bolts that had moved. The car sounded like a fvcking ricer, but a cheap "no money" Toyota Celica. I got the one u-bolt off without incident. However, the second one snapped in two. PAIN IN THE ASS! This was @ 9:45, Autozone closes @ 10.

Like I need an excuse to use my welder. :cool: So, I moved the good u-bolt to the front near the LCB and welded the rear connection. My only advice for this project; buy a fucking lift! There's no room under a mini, EVAR! The car was up on all 4 jack stands, and I still had very little room to move. Add a grounding strap, drop light, leather gloves, a jack (to hold the pipes up; prevents sagging), wire feed gun, and welding helmet. I looked like a NBA player in a sushi bar in downtown Tokyo. I did an ok job, good thing no one will ever see the welds. :O The worst part was the top of the pipe. Um, yeah.

I was going to do all of this Friday, but damn the countersinks!!! Even if you think you have read the parts insert, reread it!

13 September 2004

Since All won't post them...

All's Mini

This should be his car in a very short period of time.

Dr. Evil: When are you getting one?

Hell must be damn cold.

T is using her blog!


Regina (our neighbor) had tires installed on her car!

When do the pigs start flying? :satisfied:

06 September 2004

"Have welder. Will lay beads."

Made a few things this weekend:

Light stand to replace the one that fell apart.

Pretty easy. Had to convert all's chop saw into a 'metal' chop saw to cut the stock. The table took a bit more time to weld than the stand. I pulled the old "Target Change Game" @ HD. I was able to get a Auto darkening helmet for $20!!! It makes a world of difference! CW: definitely get one!

BTW: fuck these pictures, my camera phone 5ux0rz!

01 September 2004

Another good reason for not moving to Flori-duh