30 October 2004

Damn Navy hat.

I bought a CVN70 ball cap on ebay, just like the cap I wore in the Navy. I was asked about it this evening at Schnucks... This lead me on a search for images of the flight deck, ship, et al.

I was on deck when this shot was taken...

like you can see me...

if you look at the source of the image, you'll see the B-25s and the albatros parked on the deck. We were on our way to Hawaii for the '95 end of WWII celebration BS... It was much like a Tiger cruise.

28 October 2004

Damn, I need a job...

I am watching the History channel, and I found this show fascinating. The Japanese had submarine aircraft carriers!!! WTF?

I take back all of the bad things I've said about places/people for which I've worked. The Axis was just poorly run...

Wait, I don't take any of it back. SLU is like Italy in WWII. Not even close to being successful, yet a royal pain in the ass... Plus the SJ like the black uniforms.

oh yeah, hai dozo.

22 October 2004

This is what Fark is all about...

Think of the Domo-Kuns!!!

16 October 2004


Jesus hates you!!!

Looking for another site, and this came up....

/runs around with head asploding

12 October 2004

Hmmm.... GIS for "fired"

Yup, FINALLY!!!!

Note to self: look for job.

06 October 2004

So I've been lazy with the posting...

Let's see.

1. Broke my RH Swivel hub on the mini. Slid 15 yards, ripped 3 threads off the swivel pin connection. $70 tow, by Dan (who should have been named Kevin, Daryl, or Johnny) the Hoosier! -Fixed that, 117GBP later.

2. Ordered Cooper S brakes from UK via eBay. 122GBP, shipping 89GBP! OUCH! Should allow me to install 10" tires, the tens I am buying from Alden. Next month... Damn it.

3. New seats for the mini. El cheapo Dodge Neon seats, just until I can justify $450 for better reclining race seats. $38 & some change - uWrench it.

4. The easiest thing I've done in a while: upgraded/repaired my tivo. Talk about easy, holy sh1t!

Mmmm, being broke is fun. %^|

That is all.