29 December 2004

See T is in KoL


25 December 2004

This could work...

Do it!

24 December 2004

An adventurer is you!

This one I blame on e6...

Lvl 5 Rosemary Diviner & Lvl 5 Penguin Intimidator


and something about crimbo shit...

21 December 2004

I knew those fvcks were responsible for the light!

Last night there were tons of cop cars and emergency vehicles in front of Olympia.
This is why.

Too bad I didn't get to see the impact...

/yes, I know. But you will all be there too!

20 December 2004

Ah, the wonders of the Rhinovirus...


OTC meds do nothing. Homeopathic sheiot isn't working either.

Here are the BT links I spoke of yesterday:


These are only a few of the other sites I had listed, but nothing can compare to SN. Let's all hope Exeem is released soon!

That is all.

19 December 2004

Finally, the droids I was looking for...

Grammar police piss off.

I've finally gotten my blog to post comments into a forum. Spam my site no more!

That and all of the BT sites have dropped off the net... I'll post a list of suprnova alternatives soon.

15 December 2004

Excuse me, but um yeah...

Now that the world is safe from terrorism, Iraq is as safe as Krispy Kreme at shift change, our economy is completely healed, and the deficit is going to disappear over night. The White House is making videos

Blackened Chicken - Salad

So I am currently making Blackened Chicken for chicken salad. Whole Foods sells it at their food counter. $10.99/lb. I don't want to pay that anymore... I have the WF cookbook. Pretty basic BC recipe, but I forgot how much cajun cooking can hurt.

10 December 2004

Bettman, you are killing the game!!!

Read This

The owners don't care about hockey... Just the money they can make from the "hoosier third deck morans!"

03 December 2004

I miss lsd...

02 December 2004

Yay. New web blog software

This will make it much easier to finally move to another blog software... not a big fan of MT. I am even less of a fan of GM.

hr & all, Do you need help moving away from that pos program?