26 December 2005

I believe you have my stapler.


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Didn't you get the memo?

Yup, at the office on a day off. How fucked up is that? At least, the boss has said I can comp this time at a later date...

Back to my TPS reports...

/Bob Porter: Looks like you've been missing a lot of work lately.
/Peter Gibbons: Well, I wouldn't exactly say I've been *missing* it, Bob.

23 December 2005

Too tired to rant...

Burnt out.

Where's my vodka?!?!?

67 hours last week... 60+ the week before... working on 55+ this week, and it's not over. Working this weekend...


14 December 2005

Office View

Office View

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Why do you live in the lowlands?!?!?

First Snow in Boulder

First Snow in Boulder

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Late, but I've been busy!

10 December 2005

Yeah, you know what for...

Forum should be fixed now...

At some point, I will convert the comments over to regular MT comments. But for now, I have too much to do for work.

01 December 2005

I've got your traffic, right here...

Fuuuuuuck... I think I spent more time in the car today than I did doing actual work.

We need transporters... uh, no. We need an automated highway based train system... cars that act as units preprogrammed to group together at high speeeds on the interstate, but function as a regular car on side streets. We have GPS, we have sensors, christ we have vaccuums that are robotic. Why can't we have some system for our cars?!?!?!

/soon your car will search for sarah connor

NSFW - GIS for "Fuck Traffic"

17 November 2005

Within this group, surely, we have at least one story to submit.

Bad 80's look
What Would MacGyver Do?

some point I will have some free time to fix the comments, this phpBB thing is pissing me off.

12 November 2005

Boulder Bike Scrapyard

Boulder Bike Scrapyard

Originally uploaded by aikidoka.

3000 old bikes... Lots of toaster tanks, old mopeds, you name they had it.

06 November 2005

Jebus. I hate shell scripts!

Yes, shell scripts make thing easier. A script will do want I don't want to remember to do. A script will speed up things to allow more time for Farking...

But it takes some time to write the damned things...

Here's the script I had to write for a job interview:

I would also like to see a shell script written in BASH that builds a
Solaris software package lets say proftpd 1.2.10. The build should start
from the canoical source available at :


Include all patches necessary to compile the application. Apply the patches
and create the package. No need to worry about error handling.

the script:

# Package creation script - 05NOV05 w.b.
# Portable code for universal package creation. I still
# need to tweak some of the commands, but this file
# downloads source, configures, makes, packages,
# and archives Solaris packages.
# location variables
installdir="/opt/proftpd" # this may be defunct now
# make/config varibles
# pkginfo variables
pkgname="GNUproftpd - Proftpd daemon"
vendor="GNU - proftpd.org"

04 November 2005

Vodka martini, shaken not stirred...

Yeah, been a Bond fan for many years... Hell, who didn't want to be 007!?!? I even watched the scary Roger Moore movies... Walken as Zorin, CLASSIC!

Here's another xbox delight: From Russia with Love.

It's Zorin Approved!

"I'm happiest, in the saddle."


27 October 2005

Ok, I am the Bob Villa of Blogs this week...

As you may notice, new quotes & new code to cycle the quotes... ph34r teh p0wa 0f vi! Hacking up the code in vi and Textmate... Yeah, OSX only. bah! New layout and CSS, again coded in vi...

Soon, things to make you cry... well, ok, not really. Jebus, it's late. :P


26 October 2005

More of your guts on my bayonnet...

Operation Flashpoint: Elite

I will find your spleen. Not sure what it looks like, but I'll dig in there until I find some bits of it...

Yet again... at the store... on some shelf... magical shelf... meh.

25 October 2005

Previous message still applies...

this may become a MR cliché... can I have clichés? whatever.

You, like me, should be killing things. Go get Battlefield2.

When it comes time to fight the Chinese, our children will be well trained... YOUR TURN. meh...

You where, the store... right, the store.

24 October 2005

Retarded Fucking People!!!

You know who you are... GET A FUCKING JOB & A FUCKING LIFE!!!

But not a job like these idiots, although I am sure you'd fit right in.


14 October 2005

Boulder mountain park

Boulder mountain park

Originally uploaded by aikidoka.

More walking on "hills"...

We went to Boulder mountain park near the house, this place is north of our house.

11 October 2005

Comcast is a pain in my ass!!!

traceroute to comcast.net (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 c-24-8-167-201.hsd1.co.comcast.net ( 2.931 ms 1.873 ms 6.469 ms
2 * * *
3 ( 940.840 ms 938.084 ms 1031.626 ms
4 ( 1062.099 ms 1067.214 ms 950.623 ms
5 ( 1017.280 ms 1001.291 ms 989.964 ms
6 ( 1024.222 ms 959.305 ms 1009.723 ms
7 * ( 1010.937 ms 860.684 ms
8 ( 986.046 ms 1002.132 ms 988.422 ms
9 ( 1023.542 ms 977.932 ms 932.350 ms
10 gbr1-p60.dvmco.ip.att.net ( 842.632 ms 936.205 ms 948.455 ms
11 tbr2-p013501.dvmco.ip.att.net ( 1073.709 ms 1074.718 ms 1005.092 ms
12 ( 1004.468 ms 984.675 ms 892.199 ms
13 ( 916.260 ms 829.081 ms 881.590 ms
14 gar5-p300.n54ny.ip.att.net ( 857.294 ms 684.661 ms 644.103 ms
15 mdf1-gsr12-2-pos-6-0.nyc3.attens.net ( 677.366 ms 852.867 ms 886.022 ms
16 * * *
17 * * *
18 * * *
19 * * *
20 * * *
21 *^C

I called Tech Support, the first time, and had a script reading moran...

"Can you go to the Start menu?" "I could if I were using Windows..." "Ok, then select the control panel." "dude, I just told you I wasn't using Windows."

I could have been less of a smart ass, but it's me! Anyway, I dealt with this asshat for 30 min... I finally got sick of the bullshit asked for a supervisor. He put me on hold then came back and said "The supervisor will tell you the same thing." Uh WHAT?!?! "Fine, then give me Tier 2 support." "We don't have a tier 2." Needless to say, this call ended poorly...

I called back and finally got to a tier 2 rep... He knew what the problem was before I was transfered to his line! Yeah, this is why we 'technically inclined' should get the Tier 2 # with our service... Not the "Please click on the icon that looks like a world..." number.

Jebus, I just want my fucking 8Mb service to work!!!!!!!

30 September 2005

Batman Begins

I just watched a so so copy of this movie... It was too dark to really see a lot of the fight scenes, but was watchable non the less. I started looking for info on IMDB for the martial art arranger... It was "Goody's" brother. Goody is a cop in Belleville. I've known Goody since I was 15. He served/s on the force with Denny. His brother did the MA work for TMNT movie. I've seen the video of his Tai Chi Master... It's scary what those guys can do.

Reminds me of when I bumped into Sifu at Mikawa... phantom pains... ouch...

25 September 2005

Hiking in Eldorado Canyon

Hiking in Eldorado Canyon

Originally uploaded by aikidoka.

Too lazy to actually write anything useful... so, look at the pictures...

23 September 2005

I am a junkie... or maybe it's the redbull.

New Burnout. This one is really good... and you can FINALLY turn the damned "Takedown" camera off! You know where to find it!

L'absinthe was a really good restaurant, I may have found my Chez Leon replacement... minus the service. I still need to try some entrees, but the wine list is GREAT! I just wish I could afford the '85 Lafite-Rothchild... $875 a bottle. :P

16 September 2005

Own a Mac? Have Netflix? Get This...

Netflix Freak

15 September 2005

The Blogging day starts early...

I know this won't be the only post today. I must be in a posting mood.

Anyway, T is going to this. So, I figured I get started on buying some new backpacking gear. You know, since we live in Colorado... I picked up a couple of these (so lightweight!!) and one of these. It heats up really fast! Plus, I only have to carry this and T can carry an extra cup. They even have French Press!!! Mmmm, fresh coffee...

Will T be able to pee without indoor plumbing??? Good luck T!

Camping gear is good, mkay. Yeah, I need to sleep.



Originally uploaded by aikidoka.

Still waiting on the Tofu pictures, Fish?

Here's the Torteloni I made last night, was quite good. I made torteloni instead of tortellini... well, 'cause I'm lazy!!!

14 September 2005

Again farkers have seen this...

OK, so I had the headache from hell this morning... MAJOR sinus pressure, lots of fun. I took some Excedrin and had a ton of water. Well, I forgot about the caffeine in the Excedrin. I had a Red Bull about an hour ago... I swear I can see around the curvature of space... I am the future... oh wait, this post isn't about this.

Be afraid, I am.

To go with the new title: NINJA

11 September 2005

Never see this sign in the midwest...

Hwy 72 on the way to Estes Park, a great ride... Well, when I wasn't behind slow people, or had T yelling at me to slow down! :D

07 September 2005

Someone has to explain this to me.

So, I advocate the Mac. Mostly for the superior OS... I use iTunes with my iPod... I even sync my phone to iCal, Addressbook, and portable files.

But the ROKR E1?

The other new release: iPod nano, to replace the Mini. This is damn cool.

03 September 2005

Just to pull a h3nry...


They broke out the MODERATE for O'Connor...

29 August 2005

The $10 Pasta Machine

The $10 Pasta Machine

Originally uploaded by aikidoka.

Cleaning off the camera's memory card...

Time to make some ravioli!


My goddamned braided oil gauge line broke. I had oil DUMPING in the car on the way home today...

Minimania = $59.00 MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!

Minispares = £10.99 BUT they only ship UPS to the states... So about the same cost. Mumble, mumble...

£26.30 Net w/o S&H... Let's hope the shipping is cheap!

28 August 2005

Tofu weekend project part 6...

Oh wait, that's Fish's thing...

Let see, T likes the Karmann Ghia. Depending on the winter weather, we may see one in the drive way. I need to do a lot more research on these things, besides it will give me a chance to understand the classic VW design. I still want to build a Porsche 356 kit car...

And I have started the Titan project. I am going to clean up all of the parts I have right now... Ready it for a paint job, make a new seat cover, clean the carbs, clean the pipes, et al. I still need my stator cover from STL, and hopefully All will find my side cover... $35 dollars, so far, on ebay! OUCH! Richard said he may be able to get Suzuki 450 forks and disc brake assembly... w00t, stopping power!

Oh yeah, work sucks Lance Armstrong's ball!!!

19 August 2005

What a week!@!#$$%!$%#$%^

This has been the work week from HELL!!!

I am getting drunk now, that is all.

08 August 2005


Ok, so we moved the stuff into the house... Ouch!!! I am so damned sore. Yet I have so much more work to do. Moving sucks! Thank you for your help, you know who you are!!! I am sorry our waitress was such a tool... But I hope she learned a lesson from being an idiot! ARGH!

As soon as there's a decent base... we board!

ok, back to this work thing.

04 August 2005

Another Nazi company...

damn it

03 August 2005


31 July 2005

In da hizouse...

I am making this post from my new over-priced rental prop. I am using someone else's bandwidth... I think it may be against the law, like that has ever stopped me! Thanks for the bandwidth, all 2mbits...

I heard that the e6-l2 shin-dig was gute. I am sorry I missed it. I am sure my evening of watching movies and passing out before midnight doesn't compare. :P l2, I would love to visit Nippon... although I think there's better chance of seeing the alphanumerics here before I have the moolah for a japan trip. :(

ok. Time to sleep, as I have to commute 19 miles in the morning... ARGH I can't wait until I can telecommute!

29 July 2005

Not a useful post.

I am awake. I am up because I took a nap after work... I woke up @2230!!! So, I was watching CNN. I can't believe that people get their news via TV!?!?!? I saw some footage of one of the London raids, not the one where they were making the two guys get undressed. But, of the raid where the SWAT team rolls up in a BMW X5. It took them so much time to get their gear out and get ready... An SAV??? What about some kick ass english lorry? Like their ambulances that open up like a Transformer...

Like I said, a useless post! One more day in this farking hotel!!!

24 July 2005

DnB in Denver Metro

I went to a DnB show last night. It wasn't too bad... The show was this. I got there about 2230, after getting lost in downtown Denver. The venue was pretty large, called the Foxhole. They have a patio out back twice the size of the actual club! I'm guessing that they do a lot of shows there. I met DJ Onket and Kasia-star, they are residents @ The Church. Onket was really friendly about telling me about the DnB scene in the area. Most of the people I have met out here have much more receptive to converstation than those in STL... Go figure. Of course, I drank way too much. It's 1900 and I just feel well enough to drive and be in public... Damn you Ketel One, or would it be: Thank you bartenders!!!

Either way, it was a good time. I am going to try and go to this, this, and this. It looks like I am not going to be able to go to Dallas training camp or drive back to STL for E6 & L2... The whole move has been more expensive than I had thought... farking hotel & PODS & Budget!!!

22 July 2005

Not so much ouch...

As I sit here at starbucks with my latte, laptop, and cigarette... You might drive by on Arapahoe and think what a fucking yuppie. Although the tattoos, black label shirt, and skate shoes might give you a clue, if you are so observant. I am tired but not in pain.

I enjoyed Boulder Aikikai. I can see and feel how shitty my aikido has become. However, I was complimented on my kotegaishi! :D If I were Catholic I would feel the need to repent for my sin of not training... But, I am not so I will kick my own ass by continuing to train! I see how little classical work we did at Mikawa. Hebsei wasn't a very good teacher. I guess we did learn really good ukemi and speedy execution of waza, but not much else. Between my experiences at the two dojos here, I see how much we missed. I wish we would have had more seminars and a better lineage. Or, at least, a teacher who had a teacher.

Anyway, I did have to sign the most insane waiver form I've ever seen for any type of gym or dojo. I had to initial in 16 places and sign w/ a witness in two places. One of those was for bodily fluids caution & handling. Very serious shit... ie: placing the bloody gi in a plastic bag for handling!

So, Nippon-Kan is $50/month & Boulder is $90/month... I would enjoy training in both places, but I am not sure if I will be able to cover $140 a month right way. We shall see...

EDIT: Phone is working, I think.

21 July 2005

Jebus, it's HUGE!!!

So, I went to the flagship REI in Denver. The place is HUGE. 4 floors of gear. They have a full course for mountain bike testing, a huge 6 rope climbing wall, and huge multipurpose area (I assume that they change this area every season). Oddly enough, it was easier to drive to Denver than it was to drive to the Lakewood REI. Keep in mind, I am staying in Lakewood! Very odd.

Since I was downtown, I took the opportunity to drive past the Pepsi Center and show my "respect"!

Go Wings!

20 July 2005


I started training again. I've been out to Gaku Homma Sensei's school, Nippon-Kan. I trained in one of Homma Sensei's classes tonight. I am more sore than when I started tonight... um yeah, too much time away from the mat. I can tell you that the mat is much more forgiving than mikawa's mat... damned mat burns. Style wise, they put it like this:

17 July 2005

Dialup SUCKS!!!!

I'm in my hotel. No broadband! I have crappy 28k speeds, very few tv channels and an xbox. I'm sure you can guess that I am killing Germans... fvcking Nazis! MOHEA is actually much better than the other MOH games. Why didn't they have squad based play before?

oh yeah, fvck t-mobile. No one can call me, 'cept T-Mobile customers. I've been escallated to the engineering group! I have to wait 3 days for a resolution!!! I just want a functional (inbound) phone!

AND fvck Budget... I wasted ~$100 bucks making the trailer they gave me work (chain, come-along wench, and shackles). Which worked flawlessly! I found out this morning that I could have called roadside service for a new trailer. BASTARDS!

15 July 2005

Today is the last day of residence 'heare in da louie'

Who the fvck speaks like that? Nelly is a fvcking tool... Yeah, the mean streets of U-City, er I mean Saint Louis.

I command all minions who read this blog to VISIT! I promise not to make certain people snowboard. For others I promise to make them feel like n00bs on a snowboard!!! :P

Back to finishing the packing thing!

10 July 2005

FINALLY!!! It's over! I never have to use a tool @ Wendy's EVER again!

What is that nastiness!?!?!?
GIS for "done with hell"

Things I have learned along the journey:

1) Get payment upfront! mumble, mumble, mumble...
2) Cats fvcking STINK!
3) Hand tools apparently cost thousands and thousands of dollars!
4) Some women have NO spacial awareness! 23'x 26'!!!
5) The sun is harsh on wood!
6) This list could go on for 16 months...

Much like the project did!

08 July 2005

Yay, a smart hockey move!!!

See ya ASSHAT!

That is all.

07 July 2005

Nazi m0therfvckers!

I tried to look something up on Wonkette and I see this msg:

Access Denied (content_filter_denied)

Your request was denied because of its content categorization: "Politics/Opinion;Personal Pages;Profanity"

fvckers! I bet I can surf to Faux Newz without impunity...

03 July 2005


ok, really... I am working on it... well, not really. But I will finish it soon!

in the mean time read this

EDIT: It's up... I am tired.

29 June 2005

Place holder... until the comic is done.

21 June 2005

A new comic...

This one is about the 100 Amp service install in Dr. Evil's garage!

For those of you smart enough to run OSX... You can d/l this app here!

17 June 2005

Our Govt. is fvcking out of control...

This may be old news to some, but having just read this...


When do we stop calling them the Secret Service and refer to them as the Gestapo?

Hey Gestapo drones, come to my office, and try to interview me. You'll wish that can was never opened!

ACLU, the Press, & an attorney on speed-conference-dial.

16 June 2005

Gee, war profiteering?!?!?

Halliburton to build new $30 mln Guantanamo jail

I think so! Mvtherfvckers! No wonder they don't want to close Camp X-ray... Cheney won't make money from his stock.

Will anyone wake up and see what's going on here? Why hasn't anyone called for some kind of investigation? Why haven't we ever heard anything about the 1st term GAO energy policy investigations? fvck, turn your damned reality tv off, put down the McSalad; half pound of fries; & diet coke, and WAKE UP!@#!@#!@#

/burn them brown people...
//dead or alive...
//// How I hate him so!!!

15 June 2005

I saw a...

10 June 2005

How r33t is this?

"758 snes roms games and emulator snes9x. All the US games ever made.zip"

Oh yeah! bt r0x0rz!

09 June 2005

So, when do they ask us to do this?

I am sure that someone in the US Gubment wants to push something similar through Con-you out of our money-gress...


07 June 2005

Damn that's a lot of paper

05 June 2005

A non-flickr post!

Finally, it makes sense:

Phil Mills - Pace Notes Explained

It's well known that top WRC drivers need accurate pace-notes in order to win - but it's not just as simple as telling them which way to go. Look at a co-driver's notes on paper and they look like hieroglyphics. Hear them read out and instructions like 'left tightens', 'right plus' and 'over crest into short' don't make much sense either. So we asked current World Rally Champion co-driver Phil Mills to translate a bit of the language that's used by professional rally drivers and co-drivers.

Pace notes from Acropolis Rally 2004: SS4 / SS7 Pavliani

1. Start, 30, Keep left over a crest into short 4 right plus opens, 60, crest and 6 right plus and don't cut short 6 left minus

2. 60, line into 2 right minus over a bump tightens to a hairpin over a ditch

3. Into 6 left long opens over a crest, 30, 6 right into 3 left plus long don't cut tightens to 1, into a short 1 right plus and short 2 left minus tightens at junction (junction 2 at 0.6kms) 20


04 June 2005

New Tires & Painted trim on the Jeep

31x10.5x15 Front Right

Originally uploaded by aikidoka.

T & I (Sanders was providing moral support in the form of drinking in the garage!) spent all of last night and part of this morning removing the trim pieces and painting them. This morning we went to Firestone for new tires! w00t! Traction is good for a jeep... Or so I hear.

02 June 2005

Thule roof rack

Thule roof rack

Originally uploaded by aikidoka.

Another picture post!

My rack for my rack has come in. A little trimming and a little wrestling, it is installed. I still need to wait for my keys and new end caps.

01 June 2005

Roof Rack

Roof Rack

Originally uploaded by aikidoka.

Testing the flickr blog setup.

My roof rack rubberized... for her pleasure.

29 May 2005

When will someone read these comments?

27 May 2005

Now accepting credit cards...

Mmmm, shiny thing:

/got nothing
//need this pan
///um, need sleep.
////blame sanders

25 May 2005

And I thought the Navy way of folding was handy...

Check this shit out.

BTW: How to Fold Your Navy Uniform

/sad thing, I still roll my gloves in my watch (knit or stocking) caps & roll my belts up when I take them off! Jebus, it has been 10 years! 10 years!!!!

24 May 2005

Sick of BT files, use NZB files. Old skool; Usenet

Here's an article about NZB files and making Usenet easier to access. Slyck's guide talks about NZB files.

19 May 2005

Hey, all you control freaks out there!

This is the next killer Firefox extention, Greasemonkey. You can use it to clean up Fark, Gmail, Google, My Yahoo... Hell, you can clean up the top of Wunderground.

I don't think IE can top this little gem!

LOTS of scripts

17 May 2005

American kids will lose this in their rolls...

Must they make EVERYTHING the size of an asian penis... just so people will lose their shit, and buy more!

Asian Manufacturing Gnomes:
Phase One: Make asian penis sized things.
Phase Two: ?
Phase Three: Profit

/no asians where harmed in the making of this blog entry.

16 May 2005

Hack it quickly!!!

13 May 2005

Right this copy...

10 May 2005

Ooooh, Xbox goodness

So, I've switched to XBMC as my dashboard. It has evolved to a stable stage that I trust it to handle all my sheiot.

There's a new X2 bios. No more annoying flubber animation.

Update yo systems... You know, in the usual place.

/all, FIX your xbox!

04 May 2005

Screw your Uncle Sam. Here's Al

02 May 2005

A dumpster diver is me!


I built the "Ghetto Grinder" this weekend. A bench grinder for

27 April 2005

Kill me now!

This is the third headache this week... two Zyrtec and a handful of Tylenol makes NO dent.

/Where's my LE303?

24 April 2005

Just another Sunday night.

22 April 2005

And you thought the Christians were out there.

um, right

18 April 2005

You said it man. Nobody fucks with the Jesus.

Shut the fvck up, Donny!

We should/shouldn't go...

As our resident dude, what do you think fish?

13 April 2005

tee gee is a well known scandal

Wiki entry

10 April 2005

A welder is me!

The new welding cart made from T's mom's old bed frame. Yay, all of you hippies can rejoice... I recycled something.

here are some pics

07 April 2005

some witty comment here.

um, yeah. $0.25 for BBQ sauce...

31 March 2005

The previous post was only the place holder...

for this

New? I did this 2 years ago.

Read this

See this and this

and more

23 March 2005

I am the thirty-ninth bodhisattva of recalcitrance... I know.


1. resisting control: stubbornly resisting the authority or control of another

2. hard to do or handle: difficult to deal with or operate
struggling in front of the mirror with a recalcitrant necktie

noun (plural re·cal·ci·trants)
stubborn opponent: somebody who stubbornly resists authority or control by another
A few recalcitrants refused to submit.

[Mid-19th century. Directly or via French from Latin recalcitrant- present participle stem of recalcitrare , literally “to kick back� (used of horses), from calcitrare “to kick (with the heels),� from the stem of calc- “heel.�]

re·cal·ci·trance noun

21 March 2005

Your moment of Zen.

Maria: Can you stop watching TV for a minute?
Matthew: No.
Maria: Why?
Matthew: Because. I had a bad day at work. I had to subvert my principles and kow-tow to an idiot. Television makes these daily sacrifices possible. It deadens the inner core of my being.
Maria: Let's move away then.
Matthew: They have television everywhere, there's no escape.

Good movie

17 March 2005

Do we really need a parade in Dogtown for people to get sauced early on St.P's Day?

Twice today I forgot it was St.P's day.

First when I got into work and noticed another person wearing a green shirt and khakis... I got that "Did I put my pants on?" feeling; then I felt pissed because it was Gimli, then I finally remembered what fvcking day it was. I didn't plan my wardrobe for the day, I just grabbed the first shirt I saw this morning... Argh!

The second time was on the way home, 64/40 was packed at 1623... this never happens. So, I cut off on Hampton to do my usual Dogtown 'shortcut' Rendezvous style. First fvcking stop sign: blocked with cops. Every other street was one way, whomever planned it was spot on. They did a good job, but it was the drunk fvcks who forgot how to read (after their 2nd Bud Light) were the problem. Once I cleared the maze of green clothes, I made it to Mitchell. This is the road that runs up to McCausland from Manchester. There were two fire trucks trying to turn on to Mitchell. Sirens, lights, horns; the BudLighties were oblivious... I got sick of waiting, so I cut between two groups of people and charged up the hill. Then this drunk idiot jumps into the street, up mitchell 300 yards from me, and tried to wave me to the side of the road. In the most comical drunken, arms swinging like an Singaporean traffic cop, way. Mind you, the fire trucks are 250 feet behind me. He came within 1 foot of my car; I was doing 30-35mph. He may have stepped too close... Or did he, hmmm.


11 March 2005

How stupidity and stubbornness made me a better snowboarder.

Breckenridge, CO - Tuesday, March 8th

The T-Bar Challenge.

All said the last time he was there he had lots of problems riding the T-bar. He said he kept trying to get to the top, but kept falling off. (Having ridden on the damned thing, I understand!) So, Monday night I decided that I was going to ride up the T-Bar. I compared it to my trip up the climbing wall @ the amusement park in Ohio. "Do it for grandma" style.

03 March 2005

Fvcking facist nazi pigs...

First, I am teh l33t blogger. I am traveling at 74mph. and posting to my shit. Mmmm, bluetooth.

93 in a 70 = $208. & Failed to drive in right lane of hwy w/ 2 or more lanes in the same direction + no seatbelt = $93. (What the fuck is this law?)

Telling the cop I object to his request to search the vehicle = priceless.

Time to call the "Traffic Law Center"...

/I just want to snowboard!
//T minus a few miles.

02 March 2005

I know that I am an assh0le...

Between gimli and the guy who repeats himself and the guy who repeats himself in every sentence...

I support the use of plumbus therapy in the workplace... Too bad they take you take you to jail.

I work with rainman & gimli... The dwarf kills and the other counts them. "Three trolls 'til Wapner. Three trolls 'til Wapner."

/T minus 2 days

01 March 2005

For fvck sake...

I am bored at work. I have flooded everyones' mailboxes with utter nonsense... Now, gimli is eating popcorn... microwave popcorn. What a horrible smell. I rank it up there with the 'ladies room' odor.

Launch the fvcking nukes now!!!!

/T minus 3 days!

28 February 2005

T minus 4 days

24 February 2005

So I have a job...

But I hate the fact that it's with the US Govt. I am operating as a contractor for a civilian air force subcontractor in O'fallon, IL. Yay, commuting. :( The last few days I have been assembling servers. I hate putting equipment together. This is why the SUN engineers are supposed to do this kind of work. My hands hurt, my body is sore from moving +1000lbs of equipment, and I feel like I am wasting my time/knowledge there.

21 February 2005

Tonka car

My cellphone camera 5uX0rz!

/note to self: get digi-camera

20 February 2005

"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me."

"America... just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable." -Hunter S Thompson

RIP 'Raoul Duke'

16 February 2005

Bootus Repairicus

The original ebay pictures:


The repair:

I bought the boots for $9.99 + $14.00 s/h on ebay. I have now installed a drilled Home Depot woodruff key ($0.39), two part epoxy ($2.39 w/ lots left over) & used Mini brake line ($0.00). All made so I can remove the repair in the spring. Then I can RMA the boots for next years model! wØØt! Plus, I have part of my Mini on the slopes (I am going to catch much grief from T... :P )

Now, what was I saying about Macgyver?