29 January 2005

Bored & I have nothing else to post about...

This would be a good use for the Mac Mini, if I didn't already own an xbox.

27 January 2005

Too little, too late... fvckers!

Gee, now that we are stuck with the asshat GW... they're going to release these.

23 January 2005

"Targeting" the young/college market...

Get them here.

21 January 2005

A Three post day...

The nigerian scam has moved to the islands:

Dear Friend,

I know that this letter will come to you as a surprise, it is true that
we have not seen each other nor known ourselves, I got your contact
through world e-mail directory and I assume you are a reliable and
person who will assist me in a business investment in your country. I
Mrs. Luisa Ejercito Estrada the wife of Mr. Joseph Estrada, the former
of Phillippine located in the south east Asia.

This why 'hard' evidence is very important...

So... We know that I am unemployed, and on the dole for benefits. 'cept I have been disqualified from benefits because SLU submitted paperwork to allow DES to determine that. I, however, didn't have a chance to respond. Bastards! I filed an appeal, the phone appeal was on Tuesday. The decision was mail yesterday... DES overturned the original decision.

"While there is significant evidence to show the claimant's connection to the computer, the evidence also shows that the computer was not secured with access limited by a password and that others had access to this computer. Accordingly, there is no competent and substanial evidence showing that the claimant is the individual who deleted the information off the computer. Accordingly, the evidence is insufficent to establish the claimant's involvement..."

WRONGFUL TERMINATION! Now, if I only had a JD...

I got your "plausible explaination" right here, fuckers!

20 January 2005

Game Mechanics - g33k the mage!

Jebus. (Shadowrun) We made it through several battle rounds during our game mechanics run-through. We did ranged and melee battle. It was very simple no cover situations, basically people standing there shooting each other O.K. Corral style. Dr. Evil drops like a fly after a few combat phases. T tried a stealth movement, missed the d6 rolls. She even tried to punch All, and took stun damage from it... L, Dr. Evil, and T had damage. All was unscathed, someone forgot to attack him. Then fish rolled out the Moxious Mage smackdown. With one offensive action he killed All! It was sweet, but the glazed look on everyones faces, due to the gaming engine, was classic.

13 January 2005

For all of the fucking war mongers out there: I told you so!

Eat your crow now

Tacos, our populace is fvcking stupid. Eat another Big Mac & drive your SAV to drop the kids of at some event, that makes you feel like you're parenting them. So in 5 years, when your kid is strung out on cocaine, you can ask yourself: "What did I do wrong?", "Why is Muffy so disconnected?"

This rant brought to you by: > Sticks, They're so gay!

11 January 2005


No excuses, $499. This will help with their market share!

06 January 2005

Birthday joke

What's the least popular detergent in Indonesia?

05 January 2005

Like anyone actually played this year...

Big Surprise:

Fantasy Football

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03 January 2005

Vietnam II: The Sequel

Iraq is sounding more and more like Vietnam...

Read this.

02 January 2005

New Year's Quote of the Night

"I am a lesbian trapped in a man's body. No, I am a proto-lesbian halfling trapped in a man's body. Make that 6 proto-lesbian halflings." -Fish

I argued that 6 halflings have too much mass for even fish...