29 June 2005

Place holder... until the comic is done.

21 June 2005

A new comic...

This one is about the 100 Amp service install in Dr. Evil's garage!

For those of you smart enough to run OSX... You can d/l this app here!

17 June 2005

Our Govt. is fvcking out of control...

This may be old news to some, but having just read this...


When do we stop calling them the Secret Service and refer to them as the Gestapo?

Hey Gestapo drones, come to my office, and try to interview me. You'll wish that can was never opened!

ACLU, the Press, & an attorney on speed-conference-dial.

16 June 2005

Gee, war profiteering?!?!?

Halliburton to build new $30 mln Guantanamo jail

I think so! Mvtherfvckers! No wonder they don't want to close Camp X-ray... Cheney won't make money from his stock.

Will anyone wake up and see what's going on here? Why hasn't anyone called for some kind of investigation? Why haven't we ever heard anything about the 1st term GAO energy policy investigations? fvck, turn your damned reality tv off, put down the McSalad; half pound of fries; & diet coke, and WAKE UP!@#!@#!@#

/burn them brown people...
//dead or alive...
//// How I hate him so!!!

15 June 2005

I saw a...

10 June 2005

How r33t is this?

"758 snes roms games and emulator snes9x. All the US games ever made.zip"

Oh yeah! bt r0x0rz!

09 June 2005

So, when do they ask us to do this?

I am sure that someone in the US Gubment wants to push something similar through Con-you out of our money-gress...


07 June 2005

Damn that's a lot of paper

05 June 2005

A non-flickr post!

Finally, it makes sense:

Phil Mills - Pace Notes Explained

It's well known that top WRC drivers need accurate pace-notes in order to win - but it's not just as simple as telling them which way to go. Look at a co-driver's notes on paper and they look like hieroglyphics. Hear them read out and instructions like 'left tightens', 'right plus' and 'over crest into short' don't make much sense either. So we asked current World Rally Champion co-driver Phil Mills to translate a bit of the language that's used by professional rally drivers and co-drivers.

Pace notes from Acropolis Rally 2004: SS4 / SS7 Pavliani

1. Start, 30, Keep left over a crest into short 4 right plus opens, 60, crest and 6 right plus and don't cut short 6 left minus

2. 60, line into 2 right minus over a bump tightens to a hairpin over a ditch

3. Into 6 left long opens over a crest, 30, 6 right into 3 left plus long don't cut tightens to 1, into a short 1 right plus and short 2 left minus tightens at junction (junction 2 at 0.6kms) 20


04 June 2005

New Tires & Painted trim on the Jeep

31x10.5x15 Front Right

Originally uploaded by aikidoka.

T & I (Sanders was providing moral support in the form of drinking in the garage!) spent all of last night and part of this morning removing the trim pieces and painting them. This morning we went to Firestone for new tires! w00t! Traction is good for a jeep... Or so I hear.

02 June 2005

Thule roof rack

Thule roof rack

Originally uploaded by aikidoka.

Another picture post!

My rack for my rack has come in. A little trimming and a little wrestling, it is installed. I still need to wait for my keys and new end caps.

01 June 2005

Roof Rack

Roof Rack

Originally uploaded by aikidoka.

Testing the flickr blog setup.

My roof rack rubberized... for her pleasure.