31 July 2005

In da hizouse...

I am making this post from my new over-priced rental prop. I am using someone else's bandwidth... I think it may be against the law, like that has ever stopped me! Thanks for the bandwidth, all 2mbits...

I heard that the e6-l2 shin-dig was gute. I am sorry I missed it. I am sure my evening of watching movies and passing out before midnight doesn't compare. :P l2, I would love to visit Nippon... although I think there's better chance of seeing the alphanumerics here before I have the moolah for a japan trip. :(

ok. Time to sleep, as I have to commute 19 miles in the morning... ARGH I can't wait until I can telecommute!

29 July 2005

Not a useful post.

I am awake. I am up because I took a nap after work... I woke up @2230!!! So, I was watching CNN. I can't believe that people get their news via TV!?!?!? I saw some footage of one of the London raids, not the one where they were making the two guys get undressed. But, of the raid where the SWAT team rolls up in a BMW X5. It took them so much time to get their gear out and get ready... An SAV??? What about some kick ass english lorry? Like their ambulances that open up like a Transformer...

Like I said, a useless post! One more day in this farking hotel!!!

24 July 2005

DnB in Denver Metro

I went to a DnB show last night. It wasn't too bad... The show was this. I got there about 2230, after getting lost in downtown Denver. The venue was pretty large, called the Foxhole. They have a patio out back twice the size of the actual club! I'm guessing that they do a lot of shows there. I met DJ Onket and Kasia-star, they are residents @ The Church. Onket was really friendly about telling me about the DnB scene in the area. Most of the people I have met out here have much more receptive to converstation than those in STL... Go figure. Of course, I drank way too much. It's 1900 and I just feel well enough to drive and be in public... Damn you Ketel One, or would it be: Thank you bartenders!!!

Either way, it was a good time. I am going to try and go to this, this, and this. It looks like I am not going to be able to go to Dallas training camp or drive back to STL for E6 & L2... The whole move has been more expensive than I had thought... farking hotel & PODS & Budget!!!

22 July 2005

Not so much ouch...

As I sit here at starbucks with my latte, laptop, and cigarette... You might drive by on Arapahoe and think what a fucking yuppie. Although the tattoos, black label shirt, and skate shoes might give you a clue, if you are so observant. I am tired but not in pain.

I enjoyed Boulder Aikikai. I can see and feel how shitty my aikido has become. However, I was complimented on my kotegaishi! :D If I were Catholic I would feel the need to repent for my sin of not training... But, I am not so I will kick my own ass by continuing to train! I see how little classical work we did at Mikawa. Hebsei wasn't a very good teacher. I guess we did learn really good ukemi and speedy execution of waza, but not much else. Between my experiences at the two dojos here, I see how much we missed. I wish we would have had more seminars and a better lineage. Or, at least, a teacher who had a teacher.

Anyway, I did have to sign the most insane waiver form I've ever seen for any type of gym or dojo. I had to initial in 16 places and sign w/ a witness in two places. One of those was for bodily fluids caution & handling. Very serious shit... ie: placing the bloody gi in a plastic bag for handling!

So, Nippon-Kan is $50/month & Boulder is $90/month... I would enjoy training in both places, but I am not sure if I will be able to cover $140 a month right way. We shall see...

EDIT: Phone is working, I think.

21 July 2005

Jebus, it's HUGE!!!

So, I went to the flagship REI in Denver. The place is HUGE. 4 floors of gear. They have a full course for mountain bike testing, a huge 6 rope climbing wall, and huge multipurpose area (I assume that they change this area every season). Oddly enough, it was easier to drive to Denver than it was to drive to the Lakewood REI. Keep in mind, I am staying in Lakewood! Very odd.

Since I was downtown, I took the opportunity to drive past the Pepsi Center and show my "respect"!

Go Wings!

20 July 2005


I started training again. I've been out to Gaku Homma Sensei's school, Nippon-Kan. I trained in one of Homma Sensei's classes tonight. I am more sore than when I started tonight... um yeah, too much time away from the mat. I can tell you that the mat is much more forgiving than mikawa's mat... damned mat burns. Style wise, they put it like this:

17 July 2005

Dialup SUCKS!!!!

I'm in my hotel. No broadband! I have crappy 28k speeds, very few tv channels and an xbox. I'm sure you can guess that I am killing Germans... fvcking Nazis! MOHEA is actually much better than the other MOH games. Why didn't they have squad based play before?

oh yeah, fvck t-mobile. No one can call me, 'cept T-Mobile customers. I've been escallated to the engineering group! I have to wait 3 days for a resolution!!! I just want a functional (inbound) phone!

AND fvck Budget... I wasted ~$100 bucks making the trailer they gave me work (chain, come-along wench, and shackles). Which worked flawlessly! I found out this morning that I could have called roadside service for a new trailer. BASTARDS!

15 July 2005

Today is the last day of residence 'heare in da louie'

Who the fvck speaks like that? Nelly is a fvcking tool... Yeah, the mean streets of U-City, er I mean Saint Louis.

I command all minions who read this blog to VISIT! I promise not to make certain people snowboard. For others I promise to make them feel like n00bs on a snowboard!!! :P

Back to finishing the packing thing!

10 July 2005

FINALLY!!! It's over! I never have to use a tool @ Wendy's EVER again!

What is that nastiness!?!?!?
GIS for "done with hell"

Things I have learned along the journey:

1) Get payment upfront! mumble, mumble, mumble...
2) Cats fvcking STINK!
3) Hand tools apparently cost thousands and thousands of dollars!
4) Some women have NO spacial awareness! 23'x 26'!!!
5) The sun is harsh on wood!
6) This list could go on for 16 months...

Much like the project did!

08 July 2005

Yay, a smart hockey move!!!

See ya ASSHAT!

That is all.

07 July 2005

Nazi m0therfvckers!

I tried to look something up on Wonkette and I see this msg:

Access Denied (content_filter_denied)

Your request was denied because of its content categorization: "Politics/Opinion;Personal Pages;Profanity"

fvckers! I bet I can surf to Faux Newz without impunity...

03 July 2005


ok, really... I am working on it... well, not really. But I will finish it soon!

in the mean time read this

EDIT: It's up... I am tired.