31 May 2006

Glass is just damned cool

This one of the Chihuly pieces in the Climatron @Shaw's Gardens

more flickr images later...

26 May 2006

Kansas, suck it!!!

Oh how I hate driving in KS.

24 May 2006

Stoopid 'mericans

What the hell are people on? This was for a pet urine product... I guess the urine 'could' make you crazy. Not that I am thinking of anyone in particular.

It's Science!!!

21 May 2006

Tiger TG

Tiger TG, originally uploaded by aikidoka.

I guess she's not that good, but T was hitting the balls 125...

Broken code

MT seems to have broken on my webhost... Time to kill the old spam free forums anyway.

Now I have to recreate the layout and other features for WP... yay. :(

20 May 2006

Silly Bits

I guess I really need to send the pictures with a caption of some sort...

Silly Bits

Originally uploaded by aikidoka.

13 May 2006

NSA and other DC bullshit...

Just a quote:

"On account of being a democracy and run by the people, we are the only nation in the world that has to keep a government four years, no matter what it does."
- Will Rogers

04 May 2006

As much as I hate Windows...

I am forced to use it. I have an AD forest in the office, and more Mac workstations than PCs. I found a really cool SSO OD+AD solution. I am using OD on OS X Server running on a Mac Mini to control the Workgroup settings for my Mac workstations, and I can control the settings for the PCs from the AD GPO sets. I am able to poll the LDAP on the AD with OD to finally have SSO for all of my users.

I just need to roll it out to a few more power users, then get the SSO LDAP setup for the linux boxes. I wonder if I can get the firewall to auth from the OD LDAP too...

So much crap... They're called Standards people, STANDARDS!!!

/too much geek for one post.