21 January 2007

WRC 2007

Of course, Loeb won.
Found a source: rallytorrents.com let's hope it lasts all season.

I would like to thank the NASCAR channel for not carrying coverage of this very popular sport... Kinda like the asshats that won't cover soccer on ESPN. bah, fvck corporate tv!

20 January 2007

damn unix and a missed character...

well, I fvcked up on my own blog. I think it may have affected HR's blog too. A simple code update fvcked it up. It was a security release... bah. Maybe I need more coffee.

Never give your kid your keys!

09 January 2007

It's back!

The brown people burner...


08 January 2007

Jebus, crazy chinooks all night.

This is the wind graph from Foothills Lab on the Mesa. Top wind gust: 57.7 mph @ 04:15 They are not shielded by much, but they are closer to S. Boulder Mtn.

That and it knocked out power around 2300... so that was fun too.

06 January 2007

Fucking wind...

So, "I went snowboarding" today... what a joke. I check the Eldora web site to get the grooming report this am. Everything was ok, until I got there. Now their site says: Upper Mountain Lifts currently on Wind Hold, Challenge, Indian Peaks and Corona. Little Hawk Mt. is in operation. Please call for updates.

I can't win. I guess I could have been killed if I went to my other choice Winter Park!

yeah, now I can watch the Dallas Cowboys lose to Seattle tonite. yay.

EDIT: as expected, we fucked it up! thx dallas!