24 February 2007

Week two, bits!

As I sit here at the fvcking toyota dealer... I'd really like to have something to do. like um, smoke! Well, not really. I've had little in the way of cravings. No cheating at all since I stopped. So, I am going to eat something totally redonkulous! I've been on a diet too... 18.5lbs since Dec!

jebus, can I make things harder on myself?

In other news, I had to get some EVDO cards for the CEO & EVP of my company. Both are mac users, so that means I have to support them. That also means I get an EVDO card! w00t! These things are smoking fast. 1148kbps,d/573kbps,u !!! Sprint. Merlin EX720. Native OSX driver support.

ok, enough geeky-ness for today.

16 February 2007

One week...


I still have the cravings, but they're far less often than earlier in the week... I think it'll take 5 more weeks to truly break the habit.

I have to wait a while until I can drink... which sucks! you all know how much I like to do it!

blah, off to read about ITIL. oi

12 February 2007

Comment on this!

I quit smoking this weekend, hence the hives post.

I am still having odd random bouts of itching. I am sure this is related to the meds & the lack of nicotine. If I can last a few more days I should be good. I know I will still have the cravings!

Damn you All! Why did you have to smoke spirits?!?!?!? I did this once before.

10 February 2007


I have hives from my meds... and the itching... it keeps moving around my body! ARGH