26 February 2008

Mercedes drivers catching up to BMW drivers' skill level?

I thought people in Detroit knew how to drive in snow??? Must be just like Denver, but without the mountains... or an economy.

Old & Boring: Engrish. Teh new hawtness: Chinglish

This article explains the reason for the phunny signs.

Oh, and B: Watch yo head!

25 February 2008

Why is it always the Scandinavians that create the most interesting functional art?

Finally, a boardroom table for that midget corporation

And many other odd furniture ideas. Thanks, but no thanks. I like LEGOs. I like furniture. I don't want to mix the two.

22 February 2008

Akira to be made craptastically like the Matrix sequels


Akira to be made as two live action films. uh... not sure this will be good. WB is involved.

16 February 2008

CD Boner, 2nd Bay. I can believable. little girl.




15 February 2008

I am quite unsure what we'll see out of the GI Joe movie

Dennis Quaid as Gen. Hawk

Rumor has it, Snake Eyes will speak in the GI Joe movie. This is on par with lips on Optimus Prime. Christ, what's next Destro will have regular skin?!?!?

14 February 2008

I now believe that the "Patriots Dynasty" is not to be considered a dynasty, especially when you cheat!

Apparently, Belichick has been taping opponents since 2000! I guess in the last few years he has figured out how to apply the signals to the films to the game plans effectively. There have been coaches who had all the opponents signals in the past, but were not able to effectively use them during a game. I think Belichick needs to banned from the NFL, ala Pete Rose and MLB. Cheating is just like gambling when it comes to pro sports.

12 February 2008

Suspended with pay?!?!?! How about firing this cop?

This is the same kind of crap we had to deal with as teenagers. Oh how I wish I had been walking by...

Why did take this long to post this video? This happened in the summer. Someone needs to teach these kids that have rights, no matter what some fat cop has to say. If this happened to my kid, I would own Officer Fat-veri.

10 February 2008

1 year

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my smoking cessation. I've not had a cigarette since 235509FEB07. I have had a few cigars, but mostly during the warm months. I haven't had one since early November. That's not the same addiction... it does cost a whole lot more.

A few notes: I have still not become a "born again" smoker, and I won't! I am happy to not have the cravings, & the withdrawal... wow, the withdrawal was BAD. I still can't stand having to smell people especially the women who think they need to keep layering on the fvcking perfume; STOP BITCHES! I can still drink too much, which blows the whole nicotine/ETOH theory out of the water for me. Oh yeah, that thing about food and smoking effecting it... no change. I can still make guacamole better than you. Hell, I make everything better than you! :D

08 February 2008

Dude... lay off the sake or meth!

Ime ruvin et!

07 February 2008

For the suburban man who truly has too much money, I present the:

Alton F650 XUV

The F-650-based XUV was built by Alton Manufacturing and carries a GVWR of 25,999 lbs. That makes the 660 ft-lbs of torque generated by its 7.2L Caterpillar engine seem paltry. Besides the big-rig-meets-Excursion bodywork, your nearly $200,000 expenditure for this XUV will get you hardwood floors, custom captains chairs, a 42-speaker sound system, two drop-down 16-inch TVs plus a 42-inch plasma, four computer workstations, plus a train horn.

For $200,000 I'd rather buy 10 Vtec Mini's or anything other than this land tank for homo sapien, vegrandis phallus.


Felt the place needed a new layout & some experimental ads.

I like the 3 column layout better, not sure about the page tabs though. Of course, I'm sure I'll get sick of the ads... who knows, maybe it will earn me a little money.