25 December 2008

Since rallytorrents.com went belly up right before the GB ralley...

I found this to finish the season: wrc.mirafiori.com

04 December 2008

Do you think I am being clear enough?


The current documentation system is dysfunctional; the system does not contain major categories that should be included. Therefore, resolving system issues has relied upon institutional knowledge for far too long. Recording the environment, tasks, and procedures for reference provides more efficient time use, staff member cross-operational coverage and complies with some of our ISO-9002 requirements.

The fact that the ###### group currently runs under preposterous conditions is possibly attributable to previous contracts. However, following current perceived convention as comfortable; yet if that activity is erroneous, our responsibility is to correct it.

##### has directed me, to accomplish this task as an important component of the overall infrastructure plan. ####### will not continue to function in this manner, nor can we proceed with an efficient Windows systems migration without a comprehensive documentation set.

Although in the past the functions between ######## and ###### have been interdependent, we will be moving forward in a partitioned province. This creates accountability for both groups, prepares the teams for the new ##### functional environment, and the eventual dissolution of the ####### group's current role. I expect the ###### team is working on a similar documentation set, if so directed.

To accomplish this subsection of the infrastructure plan, we will begin to build a new, cohesive, and comprehensive documentation system. We will tackle issues that may arise during the course of the project. There will be no delays based on suppositional postulations.

Please move forward with the data collect as requested.

28 November 2008

Farmersonly.com ad, it's real…

Just saw this ad during the Red Wings game (FSN Ohio feed):

All I can say is WOW!

27 November 2008

GM [douchebags] Asks U.S. FAA to Bar Public Tracking of Leased Corporate Jet

Asshats, want our money and they pull this?!?!

21 November 2008

Some reverend argues that Thomas Jefferson doesn't understand the Constitution. eh?

hey jackass, he wrote the damn thing!!

(the video might not work for you, try this)

19 November 2008

Oh Dolemite, I am so happy you are coming home.

15 November 2008

Die Bacon Tasche

Even Fish would get an iPhone after this product release:

14 November 2008

So if you have no hobbies, you should buy that kit and accomplish this:

13 November 2008

Why would you train your fish?


There's no end how dumb this man is.

09 November 2008

Mr. Obama, thank you for the follow through.

Breaking News

05 November 2008

Not the final, but…

31 October 2008

This freaks me out! I hate needles!

29 October 2008

Knee high pantyhose + sugar + 13 year old boy = not what you think!

fixed that typo!

McCane's 10 changes needed to win.

He needs the following:
Uno. Gain 1.8% in Florida.
Duo. Gain 5.4% in Ohio.
Tree. Maintain his 3.9% lead in Georgia.
Fore. Gain 1.9% in North Carolina.
Roku. Gain 2.0% in Indiana.
eksi. Gain 1.7% in Missouri.
Seven. Gain 4.6% in Nevada.
Ocho. Edge a little bit ahead in Montana and North Dakota.
Nuen. Turn this around in Virginia by gaining 7.5%.
Dhas. Then either win Pennsylvania or one of the following three states (Colorado, Iowa, New Mexico).


Eleventeen. The head of Osama Bin Laden mounted to the bumper of the Straight Lie Express.

um, yeah. good luck, but then again you do have Diebold (ES&S) cheating for you.

Ok, I take it back… THIS is creepy!

28 October 2008


Yeah, just calibrate it… huh, it just voted for nader?!!?!?

23 October 2008

MWAHAHAHAHA, what an ass!

Who's the ass? oh…

22 October 2008

See, he has been touched by his noodley appendage


Obama the Pastafarian!

Why would you do this?

16 October 2008

Steampunk Star Wars

No Jar-Jar in this: More…

09 October 2008

Good bye US auto industry, can we have that $25 Billion we gave you?

08 October 2008

Yes, he is this dumb!

05 October 2008


That's a crazy number... OH, and you've been royally screwed. Good luck monkeys!

Watch this

We have been robbed. Thanks Congress!

No more worries for the Wall St. firms

03 October 2008

The 21st Century rip off

This is how we are getting screwed:


The Secretary shall coordinate, as appropriate, with foreign financial authorities and central banks to work toward the establishment of similar programs by such authorities and central banks. To the extent that such foreign financial authorities or banks hold troubled assets as a result of extending financing to financial institutions that have failed or defaulted on such financing, such troubled assets qualify for purchase under section 101.

If you own crap debt and you're a foreign bank, no worries the USA Govt. will buy it from you! ARGH

24 September 2008

Moosey Plain, I mean Palin has met maybe 15 leaders?

The complete list provided by Biden's Senate office is below:

As of September 23, 2008

Senator Biden/Meetings with World Leaders

This is a partial list of world leaders that Senator Biden has met with at least once over his nearly 36 year career as a United States Senator. As mentioned, this list is not exhaustive. As chairman of the subcommittees on Europe and Africa earlier in his career, the list is certainly much longer. ****The dates listed indicate when the foreign leader was in office.

Prime Minister Iyad Allawi (May 2004 - April 2005)
Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari (April 2005 - May 2006)
Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki (April 2006 - Present)
President Jalal Talabani (June 2005 - Present)
Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani (June 2005 - Present)
Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani (March 2006 - Present)

Prime Minister Golda Meir (March 1969 - June 1974)
Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin (July 1992 - November 1995)
Prime Minister Shimon Peres (November 1995 - June 1996)
Prime Minister Menachem Begin (June 1977 - October 1983)
Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir (October 1986 - July 1992)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (June 1996 - July 1999)
Prime Minister Ehud Barak (June 1996 - July 1999)
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (March 2001 - April 2006)
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (April 2006 - Present)
Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni (January 2006 - present)

Palestinian Territories
Chairman Yasser Arafat (September 1993 - November 2004)
Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (November 2004 - Present)
Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad (June 2007 - Present)
Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei (October 2003 - March 2006)

King Hussein (August 1952 - February 1999)
King Abdullah (August 2005-Present)

President Hosni Mubarak (October 1981 - Present)
President Anwar Sadat (October1970 - October 1981)

Prime Minister Col. Muammar Qaddafi (March 1977 - March 1979)

Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri (October 1992 - December 1998)
Prime Minister Najib Mikati (April 2005 - July 2005)

Crown Prince Shaikh Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa (March 1999 - Present)

President Bashar al-Assad (July 2000 - Present)

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (March 2003 - Present)
President Ahmet Sezer (May 2000 - August 2007)
Prime Minister/President* Abdullah Gul (November 2002 - March 2003, Current President)
Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit (January 1999 - May 1999)
Prime Minister Demirel (November 1991 - June 1993)

President Kostis Stephanopoulos (March 1995 - March 2005)
Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis (March 2004 - Present)
Prime Minister Kostantinos Mitsotakis (April 1990 - October 1993)
Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou (October 1981 - July 1989)
(October 1993 - January 1996)

President George Vassiliou (February 1988 - February 1993)
President Glafcos Clerides (February 1993 - February 2003)

President Hamid Karzai (December 2001 - Present)

President Asif Ali Zardari (September 2008 - Present)*
Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani (March 2008 - Present)
President Pervez Musharraf (June 2001 - August 2008)
Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto (December 1988 - August 1990, October 1993 - November 1996)
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (November 1990 - July 1993, February 1997 - October 1999)

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (May 2004 - Present)
Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee (May 1996 - June 1996)
(March 1998 - May 2004)

Sri Lanka
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe (May 1993 - August 1994)
(December 2001 - April 2004)

President Vladimir Putin (May 2000 - May 2008; current Prime Minister)
President Boris Yeltsin (July 1991 - December 1999)
Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev (March 1990 - December 1991)
Soviet Union President Andrei Gromyko (July 1985 - October 1988)
Premier of the Soviet Union Alexey Kosygin (October 1964 - October 1980)
Premier of the Soviet Union Leonid Brezhnev (May 1960 - July 1964)

President Jacques Chirac (May 1995 - May 2007)
Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin (May 2005 - May 2007)
President Francois Mitterrand (May 1981 - May 1995)

Queen Elizabeth (February 1952 - Present)
Prime Minister Tony Blair (May 1997 - June 2007)
Prime Minister John Major (November 1990 - May 1997)
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (May 1979 - November 1990)

Prime Minister Bertie Ahern (June 1997 - Present)
Prime Minister John Bruton (December 1994 - June 1997)
Prime Minister Albert Reynolds (February 1992 - December 1994)
Prime Minister Charles Haughey (December 1979 - June 1981)
(March 1982 - December 1982)
(March 1987 - February 1992)

Chancellor Angela Merkel (November 2005 - Present)
Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder (October 1998 - November 2005)
Chancellor Helmut Kohl (October 1982 - October 1998)
Chancellor Helmut Schmidt (May 1974 - October 1982)

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi (June 2001 - May 2006)
(May 2008 - Present)
Prime Minister Romano Prodi (May 2006 - May 2008)
Prime Minister Cossiga (July 1989 - April 1992)

President of Serbia Boris Tadic (July 2004 - Present)
Prime Minister of Serbia Vojislav Kostunica (March 2004 - Present)
Prime Minister of Serbia Zoran Djindjic (January 2001 - March 2003)
President of Serbia Slobodan Milosevic (May 1989 - July 1997)

Premier of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito (January 1953 - May 1980)

President of Croatia Franjo Tudjman (May 1990 - December 1999)

Prime Minister of Slovenia Janez Drnovsek (December 2002 - Present)
President of Kosovo Ibrahim Rugova (March 2002 - January 2006)
President of Slovenia Milan Kucan (October 1991 - December 2002)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
President of Bosnia Haris Silajdzic (November 2006 - Present)
President of Bosnia Sulejman Tihi? (October 2002 - November 2006)
President of Bosnia Alija Izetbegovic (March 1992 - October 2000)

Kosovo (as an independent nation)
President Fatmir Sejdiu (January 2008 - Present)
Prime Minister Hashim Thaci (January 2008 - Present)

President Lech Walesa (December 1990 - December 1995)
Prime Minister Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz (October 1993 - March 1995)

Czech Republic
President Vaclav Havel (February 1993 - February 2003)

Prime Minister Gyula Horn (July 1994 - July 1998)
President Arpad Goncz (August 1990 - August 2000)
Prime Minister Viktor Orban (July 1998 - May 2002)

Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen (April 1995 - April 2003)

President Ion Iliescu (December 1989 - November 1996)

President Mikheil Saakashvili (January 2004 - Present)
President Eduard Shevardnadze (October 1995 - November 2003)

President Nursultan Nazarbayev (December 1991 - Present)

President Viktor Yushchenko (January 2005 - Present)

Prime Minister Paul Martin (December 2003 - February 2006)
Prime Minister Brian Mulroney (September 1984 - June 1993)

Secretary General Lord George Robertson (October 1999 - January 2004)
Secretary General Javier Solana (December 1995 - October 1999)
Secretary General Manfred Woerner (July 1988 - August 1994)
Secretary General Lord Peter Carrington (June 1984 - July 1988)

President Jiang Zemin (March 1993 - March 2003)
Premier Zhu Rongji (March 1998 - March 2003)

Hong Kong
Chief Executive Tung Chee Hwa (July 1997 - March 2005)

President Chen Shui-Bian (May 2000 - Present)

President Kim Dae Jung (February 1998 - February 2003)

Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew (June 1959 - November 1990)
Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong (November 1990 - August 2004)
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (August 2004 - Present)

President Megawati Sukarnoputri (July 2001 - October 2004)
President Bambang Yudhoyono (October 2004 - Present)

Prime Minister John Howard (March 1996 - December 2007)
Prime Minister Paul Keating (December 1991 - March 1996)

President Gloria Arroyo (January 2001 - Present)
President Fidel Ramos (June 1992 - June 1998)

Prime Minister Phan Van Kai (September 1997 - June 2006)

East Timor
President Ramos Horta (May 2007 - Present)

The Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso (1950 - Present)

President Alvaro Uribe (August 2002 - Present)
President Andres Pastrana (August 1998 - August 2002)
President Cesar Gaviria (August 1990 - August 1994)

President Vincente Fox (December 2000 - December 2006)
President Ernesto Zedillo (December 1994 - November 2000)

President Jaime Paz Zamora (August 1989 - August 1993)

South Africa
President Thabo Mbeki (June 1999 - September 2008)
President Nelson Mandela (April 1994 - June 1999)

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (January 2006 - Present)

Prime Minister Leabua Jonathan (July 1965 - January 1986)

United Nations
Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (January 2007 - Present)
Secretary General Kofi Annan (January 1997 - January 2007)
Secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali (January 1992 - January 1997)

Vatican City
Pope John Paul II (October 1978 - April 2005)

President Rudolf Schuster (June 1999 - June 2004)

President Saparmurat Niyazov (October 1990 - December 2006)

*Senator Biden met with leader before he or she became head of state.

16 September 2008

Ok, I guess I'll be back with this site.

Damn it's been a while. Nothing to report. yeah

11 June 2008

I hate Emo, but damn people.

I think someone's parents should have been talking to their child before things got out of hand. This is why you have to talk to your children. You have to be involved in their lives, despite their angst filled behest. You can't be so self involved to ignore your child. Say, like partying, smoking pot, doing everything & anything to avoid your life... or you are just fucking stupid!

05 June 2008

Lebda was ripped!

Lord Stanley's Cup is ours!

2008 Stanley Cup Final - Game 6

Took me some time to find the best shot from the win.

Let's Go Red Wings! (gotta wait until October now)

04 June 2008

Finally... The soccer mom is heading back to her minivan

SUV & Truck sales are falling!

Maybe it will be a little more safe on the roads for small cars & motorcycles, well maybe not. Less dangerous accidents?

btw: hybrids are not the solution. Just wait until you have to replace the batteries!

03 June 2008

Give up already...

Damn, know when to say when.

14 May 2008

Too bad you stupid "republicans" can't understand this


this is too much

What I think of EMO:

Leave Punk alone!

Go back to Mod/New Wave! Robert Smith misses you, he's crying for your sorrow.

(Mmmm, puns)

12 May 2008

Twitter global search

Summize is a global search for twitter. Found it via Hahlo 3.

01 May 2008

So busy with the NHL; AH died on Tuesday.

AH the father of LSD. A "scary drug" that took over the minds of the hippie generation... Maybe if the "war on drugs" was so profitable, the medical community could use this for treating mental illness.

102, I bet he was still taking the drug.

30 April 2008

New themes for iGoogle

Google rolls out more themes, this time by artists.

Chihuly even made one.

28 April 2008

Day of Silence

Just think if we didn't do this:

Obama wouldn't be running for president, nor would Tiger Woods be one of the best golfers ever. I think maybe it's time we not worry about people's sex lives.

And my son participates in this. He's more socially responsible than I was at 13. Last year, he told me his mother had yelled at him for not speaking. I wonder if the same thing will happen this year, or maybe she'll ASK him what he's doing.

New category because of this posting… and I really hate Christians. Nothing like their magical flying son.

25 April 2008

Wordpress 2.5.1 is out

Time to update, monkeys!

You can digg it too.

24 April 2008

Clinton's really powerful victory in PA

Pennsylvania Primary Election Results - Election Guide 2008 - Results - The New York Times

Thanks to MSM we get to hear about her resurgences... with a single delegate gain!?!?!? Please end this crap! I don't care who quits, but someone please think about the children!!!


23 April 2008

And so the rivalry rekindles…

Go Red Wings!

21 April 2008

Bisphenol A (BPA) fears

So, there have been a few news articles lately about BPA in plastic bottles, canned food liners, & other consumer products. I understand that Canada is talking about laws to deny the sale or use of items with BPA, and in true Walmart fashion they're reacting to the press & banning children's products with BPA. This seems about as dumb as arguing about global warming... This will require more study. If you are one of those idiots that thinks the water tastes different because you change bottles... well, you don't have a clue. The levels of BPA that are being seeped are in the 100ug/kg/day levels.

I don't feel compelled to believe the Plastics industries studies, nor do I feel the need to accept only the scientist who've done nothing but research this single issue for 20 years. We will all die in the end.

Worrying about plastics when there are things like war mongers in office?!?!? I'll stick with worrying about whether some idiot in DC is going to start WWIII.

With the decline in science education in this country:

Let the fall begin. I can't believe religious zealots can be this dumb... ok, no. I take that back, bearded guy in the sky with the magical resurrecting son.

Yeah, can't do it. Ramen

Let's go San Jose! I want to play CO next.

Hey Barry, go buy a neck in the off season!

19 April 2008

3-2 in the series...

Where's your catfish now?

18 April 2008

It must be hard to be part of the top 1%

Hightower Lowdown | What 8 years of BushCheney have done to our economy

Soon, we will all be making 6 figures... as the middle class.

What 8 years of BushCheney have done to our economy

14 April 2008

um, doesn't this defeat the point?

Schedule Future-Dated Twitter Tweets » TweetLater.com

Twitter post scheduling... real time mini-blogging, scheduled?!?!

11 April 2008

You know you want one...


Need to keep track of things? This seems like a useful product. I have invites.

Would be nice if they supported more phones.

26 March 2008

Has anyone seen this thing? BMW F800GS

I made the mistake of stopping by the local BMW dealership yesterday to drool a little. I was talking to the guy about the R1200GSA HUM-V, as he put it. We moved on to the topic of LWD;weight, EX terrain, etc. Then this thing came up:


Sounds like a cool bike. odd that they moved to a upright twin. I guess it makes it easier to drop/pickup in the field? It looks more like a Dakar bike, and a lot lighter than the R1200GS. You can put a GF/Wife on it... Leslie? Maria? Annie?

24 March 2008

PDF document reader website extension

I originally wrote this because I don't want to download every PDF I find online. I've since discovered this, an extension for PDFmenot.com. I like it better than the Zoho Viewer since it can better handle the PDF formating. In case you do use my script, here's an updated version without PDFs.

97 percent of US death toll came after:

Mission Accomplished

140 American service members died before May 1, 2003, out of a total 4,000.

Great job asshat. Why hasn't there been an attempt on his life?

/if you see some silly republican ad on my page, I DO NOT endorse these fake republicans!

21 March 2008

As long as Snake Eyes doesn't speak...

The tattoo was a much better idea... why the weird patch?

20 March 2008

Water-borne Salmonella in Alamosa, CO

I would hate to be stuck living there. It's near the Great Sand Dunes.

great sand dunes national park - Google Maps

I wonder if they make bottled water? 'Artisian' bottled tap water.

/yes, I am bored.

19 March 2008


18 March 2008

Another update for my ZOHO Script

ZOHO document script

works for PDFs! unlike the OpenITOnline advertised on the script page.

I am glad my phone doesn't have a charm hole

I am surprised there's not a salaryman passed out in front of a combini.

But hey, they did get the Dr. Evil "CARBOMB" drunk:
Dr. Evil - CARBOMB!!!

14 March 2008

Nice flip!

Reporter Owned By Sled - Watch more free videos

Kids these days are damn lucky!

Google Sky

I wish I would have had access to this kind of stuff as a kid. We actually had to use charts, and have a dorky community college science teacher for a stepdad.

Viva la Google

11 March 2008

I the reader would lose the mind if I read the over script voice.

Excellent Chinglish! This guy does a really good job with the voice over work. Interesting HID ideas with the UMPC.

Wow, 11 years ago we had a great idea...

This post reminded me about the our group @POSTnet.

In the spring of 1997, Winamp was released. It spread through the office like a virus. As a group of tech support reps, we had very little work that required real attention. That meant we had lots of time to talk, never mind our constant IRC usage, we had a great idea for a portable media player for this new music format: MP3s. I think had we been in an area with real VC and a business minded coworker, we could have been a dotcom bust or the ipod... oh well.

09 March 2008


Long Way Down

I have been behind on some media types. mostly because I spend most of my time job searching... damn contracts. anyway, I've had a chance to start watching Long Way Down. Good so far, but I remembered the Race to Dakar Boorman had done. Watching that as well... doesn't help the motorcycle desires! Someday I'll have a MC again.

07 March 2008

More from the Gov. of Montana

"We're putting up with the federal government on so many fronts, and nearly every month they come out with another hare-brained scheme ... to tell us that our life is going to be better if we just buckle under on some other kind of rule or regulation. And we usually just play along for a while. We ignore 'em for as long as we can. We try not to bring it to a head but if it comes to a head we found that it's best to tell 'em to go to Hell and run the state you wanna run your state.

Unfortunately this time around they've really got a hare-brained scheme... almost all those hijackers on 9/11 would have qualified for a Real ID."

Good interview

03 March 2008

I'll have the chicken

Eddie in Legos

02 March 2008

Are you his brother, can you get his autograph?

eddie izzard

Add to My Profile | More Videos

26 February 2008

Mercedes drivers catching up to BMW drivers' skill level?

I thought people in Detroit knew how to drive in snow??? Must be just like Denver, but without the mountains... or an economy.

Old & Boring: Engrish. Teh new hawtness: Chinglish

This article explains the reason for the phunny signs.

Oh, and B: Watch yo head!

25 February 2008

Why is it always the Scandinavians that create the most interesting functional art?

Finally, a boardroom table for that midget corporation

And many other odd furniture ideas. Thanks, but no thanks. I like LEGOs. I like furniture. I don't want to mix the two.

22 February 2008

Akira to be made craptastically like the Matrix sequels


Akira to be made as two live action films. uh... not sure this will be good. WB is involved.

16 February 2008

CD Boner, 2nd Bay. I can believable. little girl.




15 February 2008

I am quite unsure what we'll see out of the GI Joe movie

Dennis Quaid as Gen. Hawk

Rumor has it, Snake Eyes will speak in the GI Joe movie. This is on par with lips on Optimus Prime. Christ, what's next Destro will have regular skin?!?!?

14 February 2008

I now believe that the "Patriots Dynasty" is not to be considered a dynasty, especially when you cheat!

Apparently, Belichick has been taping opponents since 2000! I guess in the last few years he has figured out how to apply the signals to the films to the game plans effectively. There have been coaches who had all the opponents signals in the past, but were not able to effectively use them during a game. I think Belichick needs to banned from the NFL, ala Pete Rose and MLB. Cheating is just like gambling when it comes to pro sports.

12 February 2008

Suspended with pay?!?!?! How about firing this cop?

This is the same kind of crap we had to deal with as teenagers. Oh how I wish I had been walking by...

Why did take this long to post this video? This happened in the summer. Someone needs to teach these kids that have rights, no matter what some fat cop has to say. If this happened to my kid, I would own Officer Fat-veri.

10 February 2008

1 year

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my smoking cessation. I've not had a cigarette since 235509FEB07. I have had a few cigars, but mostly during the warm months. I haven't had one since early November. That's not the same addiction... it does cost a whole lot more.

A few notes: I have still not become a "born again" smoker, and I won't! I am happy to not have the cravings, & the withdrawal... wow, the withdrawal was BAD. I still can't stand having to smell people especially the women who think they need to keep layering on the fvcking perfume; STOP BITCHES! I can still drink too much, which blows the whole nicotine/ETOH theory out of the water for me. Oh yeah, that thing about food and smoking effecting it... no change. I can still make guacamole better than you. Hell, I make everything better than you! :D

08 February 2008

Dude... lay off the sake or meth!

Ime ruvin et!

07 February 2008

For the suburban man who truly has too much money, I present the:

Alton F650 XUV

The F-650-based XUV was built by Alton Manufacturing and carries a GVWR of 25,999 lbs. That makes the 660 ft-lbs of torque generated by its 7.2L Caterpillar engine seem paltry. Besides the big-rig-meets-Excursion bodywork, your nearly $200,000 expenditure for this XUV will get you hardwood floors, custom captains chairs, a 42-speaker sound system, two drop-down 16-inch TVs plus a 42-inch plasma, four computer workstations, plus a train horn.

For $200,000 I'd rather buy 10 Vtec Mini's or anything other than this land tank for homo sapien, vegrandis phallus.


Felt the place needed a new layout & some experimental ads.

I like the 3 column layout better, not sure about the page tabs though. Of course, I'm sure I'll get sick of the ads... who knows, maybe it will earn me a little money.

31 January 2008

Mwahahaha, the TSA has a blog

Jebus... Who's bad idea was this?

I have already posted my disgust with the liquids ban... we'll see it they actually approve it.

18 January 2008

Welcome to the Fourth Reich

GO, Gov. Schweitzer. I do not want a national DB for all citizens. I do not want a BS national ID.

When will people WAKE UP!?!?!?!

I say this as a person with a DoD security clearance. I am in DEERS, have been for several years. I have DNA sitting in the military records center in STL. My fingerprints are all over the national gov't databases. I have nothing to hide! So, the "if you have done nothing wrong..." argument means jack shit to me.

10 January 2008

When will the USA get some decent advertisments?

Suddenly, I want to buy this brand. Some of the links may be NSFW.

From a funny site, if you have time to kill.

02 January 2008

New update to my Zoho script

My pdf/doc/xls reader script needed some work. Here's the update. Not going to bore you with the geek-tails.