31 January 2004

Look at the Big Brain on Brad...

"See Mom," said Brad, "I am successful. I own 2 BMWs!"

This is Brad's new ride. It's very nice looking... Too bad it's not a Mini!!! :)

boot (86k image)

Follow the link for the other pictures...

29 January 2004

New Action figure!

4 outfits!

mmmm, pretzels...

28 January 2004

I drove/rode a Segway...

Those things are cool.

I was downtown for Court, not for me... Some idiot hit the fire hydrant across the street from the house in a stolen minivan. As I was walking back to my car. I saw Mike, the guy on the right, showing his Segway to another guy. Apparently, Mike was on jury duty today. I walked up to take a picture for this blog, and Mike offered me a "test drive." Like I am going to say no! I, of course, asked if it was on in a joking manner; Bush, you are a moron! It felt like I was on a floating platform. He told me how to step on the Segway, then told me "think forward." I started moving forward. He then said "think stop." And my mind just figured it out. Pretty damn cool. It was really easy to manuver. You use your left hand to turn a control grip for left and right manuvering. It was interesting to ride up the handicap ramp. It felt like I was falling forward, but the platform was level. This thing could be great for snowboard training... Yeah, that's the justification for dropping $5000 on a toy...

27 January 2004

I am tired.


22 January 2004


Why am I at work on a Thursday night? They aren't going to give me more money. They aren't going to improve my benefits. They won't give me comp. time for this time now.

I hate this place!

19 January 2004

Are you bored today?

Do this

I stumped the A.I. with base board... Muwahahahaha

OK, I'm done.

16 January 2004

Recipe for Annie's 60's Tea Party

Aleppo Pepper. It's Syrian, not Turkish. The spice man was wrong!

The City of Aleppo, located in Northern Syria, is considered by many as the Mecca of Middle Eastern cooking. The ground red pepper from Aleppo is coarse, gritty, dark red, earthy, robust, and mildly hot. This pepper is used in most Syrian dishes, especially soups, salads, and fish.

Hummus recipe:

14 Oz can Chick Peas
juice of 1 large lemon
6 tbsp tahini (roasted, if you can find it)
4 tbsp Olive Oil (Extra Virgin only)
2 Garlic cloves, crushed
salt & pepper
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper powder (1.5 tsp w/o the Aleppo)
1 tsp Aleppo Pepper

Drain peas, reserve some of the liquid. Process chick peas, gradually adding the reserve liquid & lemon juice. Until smooth, like really thick pudding!

Mix in tahini & 1/2 of the olive oil. Add the garlic, cayenne, half of the Aleppo, and salt/pepper to taste. If you have it, garnish with the remaining Aleppo and olive oil. You can even add some chopped cilantro, if ya like that thing.

Chill it for 15 min.

Damn it, now I am hungry. :D

Feel free to double the recipe. But make it twice... unless you have a 25 cup food processor.

14 January 2004


Tele-file is the way to go. It took me 20 mins. to file both Federal & State taxes. It was sweet. I am glad that's over. No bullshit stress in April.

Why do people wait until the last minute?

A wookie on endor? It doesn't make sense.

Another "must have" download

At lsaet for toshe of us who cna't slepl

IESpell selplcekhlcr. Wrkos in any IE wodinw.

13 January 2004

A "must have" download...

Google Deskbar!

You can use it for calculations, searches, all the things that the regular toolbar does.

Get it now!!!

12 January 2004

Ah, my life is now complete. I've burst my Fark Cherry!

I have finally had a link on Fark accepted.
Login: aikidoka
Fark account number: 14708
Submitted links approved: 1
(PCWorld)[Cool]Google adds more tools to their search engine. Next plans: Develop mental-control toolbar(*)

10 January 2004

Dumbest thing I've read today...

A post from a forum I read...

You again, hit it on the head dby, DNA's entire profession has been bastardized to do just that, (no disrespect to DNA). Social engineering is academia's answer to all the social ills we face. They think if they can just change people's environment, make everyone equal, no one would want to steal, kill, or take advantage of their fellow man. Communism had the same goals, but, like academia's ideas, it's doomed to fail. The problem with this kind of thinking is simple, it's so simple, that, in their superior minds it can't be the answer. People, unlike other forms of animals, have the ability to make decisions, to choose, if you will, and many times they choose to do wrong. It would be great if we, as a world society, lived and thought like the "star trek" world of the future. Everyone had a job to do, no one worried about getting paid, or food or shelter, all we had to do in life, was to improve ourselves. But, until someone finds a way to extract the humanity from humans, we will continue to struggle, to fight, and to kill each other.

09 January 2004

God why?

Buy them here

Thanks Rana!

07 January 2004

Out of the way bitches!!!

I need an extra...

Being sick fucking sucks!!!

Anyone remember Cloud Nines???

Mmmm, the good drugs. Not like diphenhydramine & pseudoephedrine.

I am the Speedy Zombie!!!

ph34r m1 \/\/r4th!

03 January 2004

Only in Germany - Krazy Krauts!

1100 CC Go Kart

01 January 2004

The first worthy post of the new year...

eine! zwei! drei! vier!

Kill the militant kittens! We must kill them.

Sounds about right...