16 March 2006

Why must you bother me so much?!?!

Jesus, GET OUT OF YOUR OWN SHIT!!! You can see what others are doing w/o making it DIRECTLY related to your own life/tasks/duties/perceptions....


/that is all.

05 March 2006

Some people have my extra time... GIVE IT BACK!

Not that I condone the following works or it's content. But...

Any site that can use Legos to recreate this:

is worthy of a post on MR.

03 March 2006


If it can go wrong... IT WILL!

fvcking firewall management client isn't seeing the admin server...

the console server is freaking out...

I need to rewire the second rack...


I wonder if I can get a job as a race car driver or a long shoreman... I certainly can curse like one.