31 March 2005

The previous post was only the place holder...

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New? I did this 2 years ago.

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23 March 2005

I am the thirty-ninth bodhisattva of recalcitrance... I know.


1. resisting control: stubbornly resisting the authority or control of another

2. hard to do or handle: difficult to deal with or operate
struggling in front of the mirror with a recalcitrant necktie

noun (plural re·cal·ci·trants)
stubborn opponent: somebody who stubbornly resists authority or control by another
A few recalcitrants refused to submit.

[Mid-19th century. Directly or via French from Latin recalcitrant- present participle stem of recalcitrare , literally “to kick back� (used of horses), from calcitrare “to kick (with the heels),� from the stem of calc- “heel.�]

re·cal·ci·trance noun

21 March 2005

Your moment of Zen.

Maria: Can you stop watching TV for a minute?
Matthew: No.
Maria: Why?
Matthew: Because. I had a bad day at work. I had to subvert my principles and kow-tow to an idiot. Television makes these daily sacrifices possible. It deadens the inner core of my being.
Maria: Let's move away then.
Matthew: They have television everywhere, there's no escape.

Good movie

17 March 2005

Do we really need a parade in Dogtown for people to get sauced early on St.P's Day?

Twice today I forgot it was St.P's day.

First when I got into work and noticed another person wearing a green shirt and khakis... I got that "Did I put my pants on?" feeling; then I felt pissed because it was Gimli, then I finally remembered what fvcking day it was. I didn't plan my wardrobe for the day, I just grabbed the first shirt I saw this morning... Argh!

The second time was on the way home, 64/40 was packed at 1623... this never happens. So, I cut off on Hampton to do my usual Dogtown 'shortcut' Rendezvous style. First fvcking stop sign: blocked with cops. Every other street was one way, whomever planned it was spot on. They did a good job, but it was the drunk fvcks who forgot how to read (after their 2nd Bud Light) were the problem. Once I cleared the maze of green clothes, I made it to Mitchell. This is the road that runs up to McCausland from Manchester. There were two fire trucks trying to turn on to Mitchell. Sirens, lights, horns; the BudLighties were oblivious... I got sick of waiting, so I cut between two groups of people and charged up the hill. Then this drunk idiot jumps into the street, up mitchell 300 yards from me, and tried to wave me to the side of the road. In the most comical drunken, arms swinging like an Singaporean traffic cop, way. Mind you, the fire trucks are 250 feet behind me. He came within 1 foot of my car; I was doing 30-35mph. He may have stepped too close... Or did he, hmmm.


11 March 2005

How stupidity and stubbornness made me a better snowboarder.

Breckenridge, CO - Tuesday, March 8th

The T-Bar Challenge.

All said the last time he was there he had lots of problems riding the T-bar. He said he kept trying to get to the top, but kept falling off. (Having ridden on the damned thing, I understand!) So, Monday night I decided that I was going to ride up the T-Bar. I compared it to my trip up the climbing wall @ the amusement park in Ohio. "Do it for grandma" style.

03 March 2005

Fvcking facist nazi pigs...

First, I am teh l33t blogger. I am traveling at 74mph. and posting to my shit. Mmmm, bluetooth.

93 in a 70 = $208. & Failed to drive in right lane of hwy w/ 2 or more lanes in the same direction + no seatbelt = $93. (What the fuck is this law?)

Telling the cop I object to his request to search the vehicle = priceless.

Time to call the "Traffic Law Center"...

/I just want to snowboard!
//T minus a few miles.

02 March 2005

I know that I am an assh0le...

Between gimli and the guy who repeats himself and the guy who repeats himself in every sentence...

I support the use of plumbus therapy in the workplace... Too bad they take you take you to jail.

I work with rainman & gimli... The dwarf kills and the other counts them. "Three trolls 'til Wapner. Three trolls 'til Wapner."

/T minus 2 days

01 March 2005

For fvck sake...

I am bored at work. I have flooded everyones' mailboxes with utter nonsense... Now, gimli is eating popcorn... microwave popcorn. What a horrible smell. I rank it up there with the 'ladies room' odor.

Launch the fvcking nukes now!!!!

/T minus 3 days!