29 May 2005

When will someone read these comments?

27 May 2005

Now accepting credit cards...

Mmmm, shiny thing:

/got nothing
//need this pan
///um, need sleep.
////blame sanders

25 May 2005

And I thought the Navy way of folding was handy...

Check this shit out.

BTW: How to Fold Your Navy Uniform

/sad thing, I still roll my gloves in my watch (knit or stocking) caps & roll my belts up when I take them off! Jebus, it has been 10 years! 10 years!!!!

24 May 2005

Sick of BT files, use NZB files. Old skool; Usenet

Here's an article about NZB files and making Usenet easier to access. Slyck's guide talks about NZB files.

19 May 2005

Hey, all you control freaks out there!

This is the next killer Firefox extention, Greasemonkey. You can use it to clean up Fark, Gmail, Google, My Yahoo... Hell, you can clean up the top of Wunderground.

I don't think IE can top this little gem!

LOTS of scripts

17 May 2005

American kids will lose this in their rolls...

Must they make EVERYTHING the size of an asian penis... just so people will lose their shit, and buy more!

Asian Manufacturing Gnomes:
Phase One: Make asian penis sized things.
Phase Two: ?
Phase Three: Profit

/no asians where harmed in the making of this blog entry.

16 May 2005

Hack it quickly!!!

13 May 2005

Right this copy...

10 May 2005

Ooooh, Xbox goodness

So, I've switched to XBMC as my dashboard. It has evolved to a stable stage that I trust it to handle all my sheiot.

There's a new X2 bios. No more annoying flubber animation.

Update yo systems... You know, in the usual place.

/all, FIX your xbox!

04 May 2005

Screw your Uncle Sam. Here's Al

02 May 2005

A dumpster diver is me!


I built the "Ghetto Grinder" this weekend. A bench grinder for