22 December 2006


How to Good-Bye Depression: If You Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday. Malarkey? or Effective Way?


21 November 2006

Crap... need to find this.

Race to Dakar

20 October 2006

Damn, this was available?

Hot Soup

damn teh intarwebnets

19 October 2006

Used without permission

9:59:07 interesting
10:01:32 so
10:01:33 ...
10:01:41 you coming into town for hallows eve?
10:01:54 I'm going to Malibu that weekend...
10:01:55 soap box
10:01:59 you love soap box
10:02:03 malibu
10:02:05 how rare
10:02:12 that's like in CA right?
10:02:14 juden wedding.
10:02:16 yes.
10:02:19 ah
10:02:24 there's Jews in CA?!
10:02:26 :)
10:03:00 rich ones.
10:03:09 Mel Gibson will stop them
10:03:38 to the christ cave...
10:03:53 do de lo de do de doooo
10:04:00 *spiny*
10:04:32 he hands the "bad guys" copies of Watchtower.
10:04:41 heh
10:04:46 carries holy water in his christ belt.
10:05:16 I was thinking more like he wore a dirty hawian shirt and welded an empty whiskey bottle as a weapon
10:05:18 but that works too
10:05:26 and crucikens to throw the holy ghost into people!
10:05:33 ....
10:05:46 ooo
10:05:51 O.O
10:05:53 crucifix + shurikens = crucikens!

16 October 2006

Fvcking 0445

Had to leave the house this morning @0445 inorder to make it to the office @0600...


/me will be passed out by 1300

02 October 2006

Mmmm, fowl-matryoshka


20 September 2006

I wonder how well this works?!?!?


18 September 2006

India? who the hell...


17 September 2006

Been busy lately

Standing up one of these, this and 5 other racks at Data393.

Gonna be busy with this project the rest of the year... then I get to redefine the security procedures for my environment; aka "Developers, you no longer have root/sudo access to production systems!"

At least, I get to have weekends. Go Cowboys!

03 September 2006

Holiday, Sunday night Fark...

Some threads are too damned funny.

24 August 2006


So, I get my one cup of coffee a day at starbux... yeah, I know. But the Ink coffee house is 6 blocks from my office... too far to walk in the morning.

Who are these people that order a fvcking Grande, half caramel, half vanilla, extra shot of vanilla, half soy, half 1% milk, lite ice, lite coffee, no fat whipped cream, machiato con leche frapacino in a venti cup at 0730? AND how do you get to the point that a fucking cup of coffee takes that long to say, let alone costs $45 dollars?

/short flat latte. cuz I am not paying you to fill my cup with foam!

09 August 2006

Body Massage!

07 August 2006

Reservoir Dogs as a game?

Mr. Pink: Why am I Mr. Pink?
Joe: 'Cause you're a faggot, all right?

Reservoir Dogs Game

03 August 2006

What can't a Mac do?

I think this app, Cider, will close the gap for gaming on my preferred platform.

Now, if we could just get them to compile the servers for Solaris...

01 August 2006

So, I am watching Current TV.

I saw this pod about gaming. They, of course, showed a bunch of fat asshats playing games. Mentioning handles like "Van Dread", "Mogers", and "Terror"... I started thinking what was my "handle". I had a senior moment. I couldn't remember my FPS handle!

Why do I suddenly feel the need to build a PC to run around on the intarwebnets killing other lame idiots?

31 July 2006

Not again...

Red Wings sign G Hasek

The bitch better be healthy this time!

30 July 2006

Fish, You have been YouTubed.

26 July 2006

damn the intarwebnets.

Give me back my time!!!!

tsuki kokyunage

Added Analytics to my site.

Google Analytics... Waiting for some more visits to do a screen capture of their stats.

Visit this page you fools!!!

19 July 2006

I guess it's better than dying in war...


11 July 2006

Backpacking @ Mt. Zirkel

Zeb near the waterfall coming down from Mica lake...

We were all soaked by that point. It only stopped raining for a few hours all weekend.

03 July 2006

Thanks, Steve!

30 June 2006


I am now a "transitional contractor" for NIC. I am done working there as a real employee. I feel like I wasted so much of the last 7 months of my life, for naught. What a waste... As any of you who do call me, I will not have the 720-935-**** phone any longer.

10 June 2006

So, I am at farking baseball game...

Stuck in the smoking section, near the rules. The ball players can grab themselves, but no kissing... WTF?

Chihuly @ Shaw's Gardens

The display was good, but I am not sure the humidity or price were worth it!

Pig Anakin

This is Zeb's Pig Anakin picture he did on my white board at the office.

31 May 2006

Glass is just damned cool

This one of the Chihuly pieces in the Climatron @Shaw's Gardens

more flickr images later...

26 May 2006

Kansas, suck it!!!

Oh how I hate driving in KS.

24 May 2006

Stoopid 'mericans

What the hell are people on? This was for a pet urine product... I guess the urine 'could' make you crazy. Not that I am thinking of anyone in particular.

It's Science!!!

21 May 2006

Tiger TG

Tiger TG, originally uploaded by aikidoka.

I guess she's not that good, but T was hitting the balls 125...

Broken code

MT seems to have broken on my webhost... Time to kill the old spam free forums anyway.

Now I have to recreate the layout and other features for WP... yay. :(

20 May 2006

Silly Bits

I guess I really need to send the pictures with a caption of some sort...

Silly Bits

Originally uploaded by aikidoka.

13 May 2006

NSA and other DC bullshit...

Just a quote:

"On account of being a democracy and run by the people, we are the only nation in the world that has to keep a government four years, no matter what it does."
- Will Rogers

04 May 2006

As much as I hate Windows...

I am forced to use it. I have an AD forest in the office, and more Mac workstations than PCs. I found a really cool SSO OD+AD solution. I am using OD on OS X Server running on a Mac Mini to control the Workgroup settings for my Mac workstations, and I can control the settings for the PCs from the AD GPO sets. I am able to poll the LDAP on the AD with OD to finally have SSO for all of my users.

I just need to roll it out to a few more power users, then get the SSO LDAP setup for the linux boxes. I wonder if I can get the firewall to auth from the OD LDAP too...

So much crap... They're called Standards people, STANDARDS!!!

/too much geek for one post.

28 April 2006

2-2 Heading back to Hockeytown

Let's Go Red Wings! Get another ring!

03 April 2006

Yeah, a BJ for GW...

16 March 2006

Why must you bother me so much?!?!

Jesus, GET OUT OF YOUR OWN SHIT!!! You can see what others are doing w/o making it DIRECTLY related to your own life/tasks/duties/perceptions....


/that is all.

05 March 2006

Some people have my extra time... GIVE IT BACK!

Not that I condone the following works or it's content. But...

Any site that can use Legos to recreate this:

is worthy of a post on MR.

03 March 2006


If it can go wrong... IT WILL!

fvcking firewall management client isn't seeing the admin server...

the console server is freaking out...

I need to rewire the second rack...


I wonder if I can get a job as a race car driver or a long shoreman... I certainly can curse like one.

21 February 2006

Buy by the Case -fish

11 February 2006


Stuck in my head all week long!!!

"Freeze Up"

Empty factories to the east and all our waste
The shape of things that came shows on the broken workers face
To the west you'll find our silicon promised lands where
Machines replace our minds for systematic profit plans
The course of human progress staggers like a drunk
Its steps are quick and heavy and its mind is slow and blunt
I look for optimism but I just dont know
Its seeds are planted in a poison place where nothing grows

It's 1989 stand up and take a look around
Weathers bitter tension it seems is sinking down
Drunk with power and fighting one another
Every hour shows the winter getting harder
There's a freeze up coming... [ad libs]

08 February 2006

Jebus... Never sawed this that one before.

Ok, I can't speak like a hick...

These are the idiots voting republican:

& following a "sport" that condones smashing the other drivers car!?!?!

02 February 2006

Long Way Round

Since I've been riding the bus to Denver, I have been reading "light" books.

One was a Splinter Cell novel, I give it: > >.

I am halfway through:

So far a pretty good companion to the series...

23 January 2006

And this is the slow time...

I need more time...


10 January 2006

Dood... what you have done for perception...

We all thank you! Happy 100th!

Albert Hoffman

06 January 2006

Yeah... FUCK YOU!!

My day, I can say anything... pig fuckers!

Go get a fucking JOB!!!

02 January 2006

Robot Chicken...

So I was watching Robot Chicken last night... I saw this comercial that was far funnier than most of the episode.


people will buy anything.