21 February 2006

Buy by the Case -fish

11 February 2006


Stuck in my head all week long!!!

"Freeze Up"

Empty factories to the east and all our waste
The shape of things that came shows on the broken workers face
To the west you'll find our silicon promised lands where
Machines replace our minds for systematic profit plans
The course of human progress staggers like a drunk
Its steps are quick and heavy and its mind is slow and blunt
I look for optimism but I just dont know
Its seeds are planted in a poison place where nothing grows

It's 1989 stand up and take a look around
Weathers bitter tension it seems is sinking down
Drunk with power and fighting one another
Every hour shows the winter getting harder
There's a freeze up coming... [ad libs]

08 February 2006

Jebus... Never sawed this that one before.

Ok, I can't speak like a hick...

These are the idiots voting republican:

& following a "sport" that condones smashing the other drivers car!?!?!

02 February 2006

Long Way Round

Since I've been riding the bus to Denver, I have been reading "light" books.

One was a Splinter Cell novel, I give it: > >.

I am halfway through:

So far a pretty good companion to the series...