27 April 2004

It's your favorite machine...

The Brown People Burner. The AC130:

Damn we are good at this, who's next after all the brownies are fried? Yellow? Hispanics?

Hmm, tell us Tsar Bush.

23 April 2004

Jeezey Chreezy

I haven't had time to post anything... Work, Wendy's House, sleep. Damn.


I got nothing.

06 April 2004


I drove past one of these today... It was huge. Apparently, the car is 242.5 inches long!

This must be why:

Nice seats... Too bad they won't fit in the Mini.

I love the fact that the asshat driving, the small ship, was complementing me on my $6500 car.

See what $359,500 will get ya!?!?!? He could have bought ~55 minis and gas for all of them!

dead peanut

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