25 July 2004


chequered_shadow (22k image)

load it in PS and check it out...

23 July 2004

For Drew: Princess

Apparently the creators of South Park were commissioned to create 39 episodes of a web only show about a dog named Princess. They got two episodes into it when Macromedia decided it was too sick for public viewing...

Episode 1 NSFW

Episode 2 NSFW

20 July 2004

The strange shit on ebay


12 July 2004

99% complete

{{popup DSCF0005.JPG DSCF0005 640x480}}deck from hell

It still needs a few more rails around the basement stairs and the fire pit is 50% done. But I am in serious need of my 2 week 'vacation' from Wendy's House of Pain.

05 July 2004

All, buy this!!!

360cc 2 stroke!!!