31 January 2008

Mwahahaha, the TSA has a blog

Jebus... Who's bad idea was this?

I have already posted my disgust with the liquids ban... we'll see it they actually approve it.

18 January 2008

Welcome to the Fourth Reich

GO, Gov. Schweitzer. I do not want a national DB for all citizens. I do not want a BS national ID.

When will people WAKE UP!?!?!?!

I say this as a person with a DoD security clearance. I am in DEERS, have been for several years. I have DNA sitting in the military records center in STL. My fingerprints are all over the national gov't databases. I have nothing to hide! So, the "if you have done nothing wrong..." argument means jack shit to me.

10 January 2008

When will the USA get some decent advertisments?

Suddenly, I want to buy this brand. Some of the links may be NSFW.

From a funny site, if you have time to kill.

02 January 2008

New update to my Zoho script

My pdf/doc/xls reader script needed some work. Here's the update. Not going to bore you with the geek-tails.