26 March 2008

Has anyone seen this thing? BMW F800GS

I made the mistake of stopping by the local BMW dealership yesterday to drool a little. I was talking to the guy about the R1200GSA HUM-V, as he put it. We moved on to the topic of LWD;weight, EX terrain, etc. Then this thing came up:


Sounds like a cool bike. odd that they moved to a upright twin. I guess it makes it easier to drop/pickup in the field? It looks more like a Dakar bike, and a lot lighter than the R1200GS. You can put a GF/Wife on it... Leslie? Maria? Annie?

24 March 2008

PDF document reader website extension

I originally wrote this because I don't want to download every PDF I find online. I've since discovered this, an extension for PDFmenot.com. I like it better than the Zoho Viewer since it can better handle the PDF formating. In case you do use my script, here's an updated version without PDFs.

97 percent of US death toll came after:

Mission Accomplished

140 American service members died before May 1, 2003, out of a total 4,000.

Great job asshat. Why hasn't there been an attempt on his life?

/if you see some silly republican ad on my page, I DO NOT endorse these fake republicans!

21 March 2008

As long as Snake Eyes doesn't speak...

The tattoo was a much better idea... why the weird patch?

20 March 2008

Water-borne Salmonella in Alamosa, CO

I would hate to be stuck living there. It's near the Great Sand Dunes.

great sand dunes national park - Google Maps

I wonder if they make bottled water? 'Artisian' bottled tap water.

/yes, I am bored.

19 March 2008


18 March 2008

Another update for my ZOHO Script

ZOHO document script

works for PDFs! unlike the OpenITOnline advertised on the script page.

I am glad my phone doesn't have a charm hole

I am surprised there's not a salaryman passed out in front of a combini.

But hey, they did get the Dr. Evil "CARBOMB" drunk:
Dr. Evil - CARBOMB!!!

14 March 2008

Nice flip!

Reporter Owned By Sled - Watch more free videos

Kids these days are damn lucky!

Google Sky

I wish I would have had access to this kind of stuff as a kid. We actually had to use charts, and have a dorky community college science teacher for a stepdad.

Viva la Google

11 March 2008

I the reader would lose the mind if I read the over script voice.

Excellent Chinglish! This guy does a really good job with the voice over work. Interesting HID ideas with the UMPC.

Wow, 11 years ago we had a great idea...

This post reminded me about the our group @POSTnet.

In the spring of 1997, Winamp was released. It spread through the office like a virus. As a group of tech support reps, we had very little work that required real attention. That meant we had lots of time to talk, never mind our constant IRC usage, we had a great idea for a portable media player for this new music format: MP3s. I think had we been in an area with real VC and a business minded coworker, we could have been a dotcom bust or the ipod... oh well.

09 March 2008


Long Way Down

I have been behind on some media types. mostly because I spend most of my time job searching... damn contracts. anyway, I've had a chance to start watching Long Way Down. Good so far, but I remembered the Race to Dakar Boorman had done. Watching that as well... doesn't help the motorcycle desires! Someday I'll have a MC again.

07 March 2008

More from the Gov. of Montana

"We're putting up with the federal government on so many fronts, and nearly every month they come out with another hare-brained scheme ... to tell us that our life is going to be better if we just buckle under on some other kind of rule or regulation. And we usually just play along for a while. We ignore 'em for as long as we can. We try not to bring it to a head but if it comes to a head we found that it's best to tell 'em to go to Hell and run the state you wanna run your state.

Unfortunately this time around they've really got a hare-brained scheme... almost all those hijackers on 9/11 would have qualified for a Real ID."

Good interview

03 March 2008

I'll have the chicken

Eddie in Legos

02 March 2008

Are you his brother, can you get his autograph?

eddie izzard

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