28 November 2004

C'était un rendez-vous

All I can say is WOW!

this is a big file, please right click and save it to your desktop.

23 November 2004


This is why men own dogs!

22 November 2004

Dirty Mongolian, tear down my shitty wall...

14 of 18

I r0x0r in some kinda way...

15 November 2004

Now, can I "un-support our troops"?

This is why you don't give your child a gun and send him off to "liberate" another's country...

fvcking idiots. There's no respawn in Iraq.

10 November 2004

Voter Fraud?

I think so...

07 November 2004

Sanders' new keyboard

04 November 2004

Enough said???

Rule 100,A

Handrail & Anime brought the IQ up in VA, but I guess the rest of us in MO couldn't do more.

Yeah, It's mi-zoor'e... asshats!

01 November 2004


This website endorses the candidate.