30 September 2005

Batman Begins

I just watched a so so copy of this movie... It was too dark to really see a lot of the fight scenes, but was watchable non the less. I started looking for info on IMDB for the martial art arranger... It was "Goody's" brother. Goody is a cop in Belleville. I've known Goody since I was 15. He served/s on the force with Denny. His brother did the MA work for TMNT movie. I've seen the video of his Tai Chi Master... It's scary what those guys can do.

Reminds me of when I bumped into Sifu at Mikawa... phantom pains... ouch...

25 September 2005

Hiking in Eldorado Canyon

Hiking in Eldorado Canyon

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Too lazy to actually write anything useful... so, look at the pictures...

23 September 2005

I am a junkie... or maybe it's the redbull.

New Burnout. This one is really good... and you can FINALLY turn the damned "Takedown" camera off! You know where to find it!

L'absinthe was a really good restaurant, I may have found my Chez Leon replacement... minus the service. I still need to try some entrees, but the wine list is GREAT! I just wish I could afford the '85 Lafite-Rothchild... $875 a bottle. :P

16 September 2005

Own a Mac? Have Netflix? Get This...

Netflix Freak

15 September 2005

The Blogging day starts early...

I know this won't be the only post today. I must be in a posting mood.

Anyway, T is going to this. So, I figured I get started on buying some new backpacking gear. You know, since we live in Colorado... I picked up a couple of these (so lightweight!!) and one of these. It heats up really fast! Plus, I only have to carry this and T can carry an extra cup. They even have French Press!!! Mmmm, fresh coffee...

Will T be able to pee without indoor plumbing??? Good luck T!

Camping gear is good, mkay. Yeah, I need to sleep.



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Still waiting on the Tofu pictures, Fish?

Here's the Torteloni I made last night, was quite good. I made torteloni instead of tortellini... well, 'cause I'm lazy!!!

14 September 2005

Again farkers have seen this...

OK, so I had the headache from hell this morning... MAJOR sinus pressure, lots of fun. I took some Excedrin and had a ton of water. Well, I forgot about the caffeine in the Excedrin. I had a Red Bull about an hour ago... I swear I can see around the curvature of space... I am the future... oh wait, this post isn't about this.

Be afraid, I am.

To go with the new title: NINJA

11 September 2005

Never see this sign in the midwest...

Hwy 72 on the way to Estes Park, a great ride... Well, when I wasn't behind slow people, or had T yelling at me to slow down! :D

07 September 2005

Someone has to explain this to me.

So, I advocate the Mac. Mostly for the superior OS... I use iTunes with my iPod... I even sync my phone to iCal, Addressbook, and portable files.

But the ROKR E1?

The other new release: iPod nano, to replace the Mini. This is damn cool.

03 September 2005

Just to pull a h3nry...


They broke out the MODERATE for O'Connor...