28 November 2008

Farmersonly.com ad, it's real…

Just saw this ad during the Red Wings game (FSN Ohio feed):

All I can say is WOW!

27 November 2008

GM [douchebags] Asks U.S. FAA to Bar Public Tracking of Leased Corporate Jet

Asshats, want our money and they pull this?!?!

21 November 2008

Some reverend argues that Thomas Jefferson doesn't understand the Constitution. eh?

hey jackass, he wrote the damn thing!!

(the video might not work for you, try this)

19 November 2008

Oh Dolemite, I am so happy you are coming home.

15 November 2008

Die Bacon Tasche

Even Fish would get an iPhone after this product release:

14 November 2008

So if you have no hobbies, you should buy that kit and accomplish this:

13 November 2008

Why would you train your fish?


There's no end how dumb this man is.

09 November 2008

Mr. Obama, thank you for the follow through.

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05 November 2008

Not the final, but…