27 April 2005

Kill me now!

This is the third headache this week... two Zyrtec and a handful of Tylenol makes NO dent.

/Where's my LE303?

24 April 2005

Just another Sunday night.

22 April 2005

And you thought the Christians were out there.

um, right

18 April 2005

You said it man. Nobody fucks with the Jesus.

Shut the fvck up, Donny!

We should/shouldn't go...

As our resident dude, what do you think fish?

13 April 2005

tee gee is a well known scandal

Wiki entry

10 April 2005

A welder is me!

The new welding cart made from T's mom's old bed frame. Yay, all of you hippies can rejoice... I recycled something.

here are some pics

07 April 2005

some witty comment here.

um, yeah. $0.25 for BBQ sauce...