29 August 2005

The $10 Pasta Machine

The $10 Pasta Machine

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Cleaning off the camera's memory card...

Time to make some ravioli!


My goddamned braided oil gauge line broke. I had oil DUMPING in the car on the way home today...

Minimania = $59.00 MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!

Minispares = £10.99 BUT they only ship UPS to the states... So about the same cost. Mumble, mumble...

£26.30 Net w/o S&H... Let's hope the shipping is cheap!

28 August 2005

Tofu weekend project part 6...

Oh wait, that's Fish's thing...

Let see, T likes the Karmann Ghia. Depending on the winter weather, we may see one in the drive way. I need to do a lot more research on these things, besides it will give me a chance to understand the classic VW design. I still want to build a Porsche 356 kit car...

And I have started the Titan project. I am going to clean up all of the parts I have right now... Ready it for a paint job, make a new seat cover, clean the carbs, clean the pipes, et al. I still need my stator cover from STL, and hopefully All will find my side cover... $35 dollars, so far, on ebay! OUCH! Richard said he may be able to get Suzuki 450 forks and disc brake assembly... w00t, stopping power!

Oh yeah, work sucks Lance Armstrong's ball!!!

19 August 2005

What a week!@!#$$%!$%#$%^

This has been the work week from HELL!!!

I am getting drunk now, that is all.

08 August 2005


Ok, so we moved the stuff into the house... Ouch!!! I am so damned sore. Yet I have so much more work to do. Moving sucks! Thank you for your help, you know who you are!!! I am sorry our waitress was such a tool... But I hope she learned a lesson from being an idiot! ARGH!

As soon as there's a decent base... we board!

ok, back to this work thing.

04 August 2005

Another Nazi company...

damn it

03 August 2005