30 March 2004

Atheism illogical; cannot be proven

Volante Commentary
One of those tolerant Atheists took the liberty of depriving my car of my Jesus fish. Atheists today remind me of little children. They wobble around, uttering nonsense and destroying things they touch. You might think that would make them cute, but you'd be wrong. When tall bearded guys walk around chanting "The Second Law of Thermodynamics is false", that would be more easily classified as creepy. When Atheism starts denying the most accepted laws of physics, then maybe it should be reconsidered.

"For, if no natural means can be found for a phenomenon, then that becomes evidence for the supernatural; if no natural cause exists, then that becomes proof for the supernatural." - Bob Enyart

In a moderated debate on TheologyOnline in the Battle Royale forum, Bob Enyart demolishes his atheist opponent by giving evidence for God. His tactic is one the atheists cannot refute: science. It gets them every time. One of the best evidences Enyart proposes comes from the realm of physics.

Atheism contradicts the most widely accepted laws of physics, that of the First and Second laws of Thermodynamics. The First Law of Thermodynamics states that matter cannot be created or destroyed, and the Second Law of Thermodynamics states that entropy (disorder) always increases, thus necessitating a beginning. This poses a problem for the atheist: Has the universe always been in existence? Did it create itself from nothing? The only other option is that it would be supernaturally created. Since no other method than these three can be logically conceived, the atheist looks like a fool. The universe cannot create itself from nothing (First Law), and it could not have always been (Second Law). This leaves, by default, the Third option, leading to Theism.


People are STUPID!

15 March 2004

Sweet time piece

It'll keep track of your altitude, and it has a compass... Bring on the mountain!!!

Ha, I am right. Fuck y'all, you are all going to die...

Another Fark headline

10 March 2004

Mother of Vinegar

Acetobacter aceti
These are the bacteria which turn alcohol and some sugars into acetic acid or vinegar. They are Acetobacter aceti.

Tracy had asked me how vinegar was made... This is the little bastard that does the dirty work.

So ya want some 'Mother', eh?

They had the right idea in the 20's, but Poor execution.

New Speedo swim suit, designed to replicate sharks' skin.

Where are the frikin' laser beams?

08 March 2004

Moore - Broken Vertebrae

Have you ever gotten into a fight in school? Did that fight go too far? I think that's what happened last night...

I totally agree with Bill Clement's comments about the instigator rule. This would have been handled the in the first game.

ESPN's story


Moore has fractured neck; police investigating

Police investigation?!?!?! This is nothing like the McSorley slash...

05 March 2004

More dumb people...

I found these links while reading Early Human Ancestor Had Small Teeth

Transitional fossils:

Evolution "in crisis":

Evolution is "just a theory":

Creationist frauds:

Beginning test for creationists wanting to argue against evolution:

People are fucking STUPID!!!!!!

Can we round up the really dumb ones and gas them? Please? Start with GW!

(the links aren't dumb, but Joseph Smith is!)

03 March 2004

Sept. 11 Families Disgusted by Bush Campaign Ads, as they should be!

Sept. 11 Families Disgusted by Bush Campaign Ads

Wait until the RNC 11SEP04 in NYC... They should be really pissed then.

02 March 2004

Spring Fling

Handrail, Bring 'Uber 02' to STL for this...

I did the other rally in Oct. It was a lot of fun!