11 June 2008

I hate Emo, but damn people.

I think someone's parents should have been talking to their child before things got out of hand. This is why you have to talk to your children. You have to be involved in their lives, despite their angst filled behest. You can't be so self involved to ignore your child. Say, like partying, smoking pot, doing everything & anything to avoid your life... or you are just fucking stupid!

05 June 2008

Lebda was ripped!

Lord Stanley's Cup is ours!

2008 Stanley Cup Final - Game 6

Took me some time to find the best shot from the win.

Let's Go Red Wings! (gotta wait until October now)

04 June 2008

Finally... The soccer mom is heading back to her minivan

SUV & Truck sales are falling!

Maybe it will be a little more safe on the roads for small cars & motorcycles, well maybe not. Less dangerous accidents?

btw: hybrids are not the solution. Just wait until you have to replace the batteries!

03 June 2008

Give up already...

Damn, know when to say when.