25 December 2003

Bombs & Punjabi Essence

What in hell are you thinking when you strap a bomb to your body? Are people really that fucking stupid? I can understand a cause, like hating the Neo-Cons. They're as crazy as the Muslim extremist... Nevertheless, do you think that you can aid your cause by offing yourself? Even with the sick religious ideology that goes with the act, can you keep the other side from retaliation? No. Argh. People are stupid. We have the technology to feed, educate, & house the world's people. Instead of doing this we opt to kill each other over Money & Power. ASSHATS!!!

I have a newfound respect for preparing Indian food. Jesus, what a pain in the ass. I guess it isn't much different from a complicated French sauce, but I am not used to that style of cooking. It was tasty!

Oh yeah, Merry fucking Christmas... Kill some more people.