06 April 2004


I drove past one of these today... It was huge. Apparently, the car is 242.5 inches long!

This must be why:

Nice seats... Too bad they won't fit in the Mini.

I love the fact that the asshat driving, the small ship, was complementing me on my $6500 car.

See what $359,500 will get ya!?!?!? He could have bought ~55 minis and gas for all of them!


handrail said...

that's because the guy driving the maybach was a chauffeur and he drives a shitbox '88 sentra...so to him your car is cooler than the maybach that he has to drive around some rich asshat in.did that make sense...too much ether in here.where the hell did you see a maybach anyway?

wb said...

I saw it on Skinker coming home from work. I think the guy had the 57. The thing was huge, I felt like I was driving next to a tank. I really believe that car could take an RPG round and keep rolling...

handrail said...

and RPG round?...oh, you mean like a 20 on a d20 die, double damage with a bastard sword?/ashamed.