17 May 2004

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What the fuck were they RIGHT about?
by: zigzagg11 (52/M/Vashon Island, WA)

Can you name a single thing you have been right
about in Iraq? Was it the oil revenues that were to pay for the war? Was it being greated as liberators? Was it that peace was going to sweep the middle east as a result? Was it the weapons that were 45 minutes from possibly destroying the US? Was it the yellow cake claim? Was it the al Qaida links? Was it those trailers that Cheney still says were bio weapons labs (they were actually Paula Jones' vacation homes)? Was it the "mission accomplished display? Was it the claim we'd be down to less than 20,000 troops there by this time? Was it the "Coalition of
the Willing" that contained such heavyweights as Estonia and Honduras?

Can you name one fvcking thing? Oh, is it handing over "sovereignty" to Iraqis about 45 days from now except we don't know to whom or to what? We are handing "sovereignty" over to someone or something of a country of well over 25 million people except we don't know who that is? 45 days before we are going to do it?



handrail said...

ummm, yeah. oh, btw we made it all up. yeah, sorry about that. but i think it makes up for an unwarranted war by saying, "ooops, i'm sorry. i'm very disappointed. does that make it better now that we've invaded your country?"asshats.

fish said...

Well, I have to admit I hope Iraq devolves into total blood-drenched chaos, so that Bush goes down in history as the most evil US president ever.

handrail said...

i would say he's pretty much there, nixon might have him beat yet. maybe taft is the most wicked, big fat guys are almost always evil.