04 June 2004

No shit... How do you score on this quiz?

You are a Logical-Mathematical Thinker
Logical-Mathematical thinkers:

* Like to understand patterns and relationships between objects or actions
* Try to understand the world in terms of causes and effects
* Are good at thinking critically, and solving problems creatively

Like Logical-Mathematical thinkers, Leonardo based his theories on evidence rather than speculation. Other Logical-Mathematical Thinkers include
Isaac Newton, Archimedes, Albert Einstein

Careers which suit Logical-Mathematical thinkers include
Physicist, Chemist, Biologist, Lawyer, Computer programmer, Engineer, Inventor



hmmm.. said...

Same results here... go figure.

fish said...

I'm a spatial thinker/musical thinker.You are a Spatial Thinker * Spatial Thinkers: *Tend to think in pictures, and can develop good mental models of the physical world.*Think well in three dimensions*Have a flair for working with objects* *Like other spatial thinkers, Leonardo had a talent for designing buildings and machinery. He also invented a new style of map making Other Spatial Thinkers include*Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo, Isambard Kingdom BrunelCareers which suit Spatial Thinkers include*Mechanic, Photographer, Artist, Architect, Engineer, Builder, Set designer You are a Musical Thinker * Musical thinkers: *Tend to think in sounds, and may also think in rhythms and melodies*Are sensitive to the sounds and rhythms of words as well as their meanings. *Feel a strong connection between music and emotions* *Like many musical thinkers, Leonardo loved to sing, and had a fine voice Other Musical Thinkers include*Mozart, John Lennon, Jimi HendrixCareers which suit Musical Thinkers include*Musician, Music teacher, Sound engineer, Recording technician

handrail said...

i'm spatial AND logical-mathematical.yay!!!...i'm spatial!!Careers which suit Spatial Thinkers include*Mechanic, Photographer, Artist, Architect, Engineer, Builder, Set designerCareers which suit Logical-Mathematical thinkers include*Physicist, Chemist, Biologist, Lawyer, Computer programmer, Engineer, Inventornow if only i could get paid for working on my car or painting pretty pictures....and all the other stuff they said.

wb said...

I don't see it. anyone else see it?

all said...

yeah, it's the victims listing. it's not behaving correctly and staying in the little box.http://www.redpeanut.com/archives/mrc.JPG

wb said...

hmm, I don't see it mozilla...maybe you two should switch. I look at the code in a bit.

anime said...

oh christ, mine's boring...and true, which makes it even worse!Interpersonal thinkers: Like to think about other people, and try to understand them Recognise differences between individuals and appreciate that different people have different perspectives Make an effort to cultivate effective relationships with family, friends and colleaguesLike interpersonal thinkers, Leonardo had lots of friends and contacts, and was a popular figure at the Italian court. Other Interpersonal thinkers include*Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa, William ShakespeareCareers which suit Interpersonal thinkers include*Politician, Psychologist, Nurse, Counsellor, Teacher

fish said...

WILL! something is wrong with your site. I get weird scrolling things overlapping the right side pane.d'oh!*>

Mom said...

I'm a spatial thinker. No surprise.