06 October 2004

So I've been lazy with the posting...

Let's see.

1. Broke my RH Swivel hub on the mini. Slid 15 yards, ripped 3 threads off the swivel pin connection. $70 tow, by Dan (who should have been named Kevin, Daryl, or Johnny) the Hoosier! -Fixed that, 117GBP later.

2. Ordered Cooper S brakes from UK via eBay. 122GBP, shipping 89GBP! OUCH! Should allow me to install 10" tires, the tens I am buying from Alden. Next month... Damn it.

3. New seats for the mini. El cheapo Dodge Neon seats, just until I can justify $450 for better reclining race seats. $38 & some change - uWrench it.

4. The easiest thing I've done in a while: upgraded/repaired my tivo. Talk about easy, holy sh1t!

Mmmm, being broke is fun. %^|

That is all.


handrail said...

shoot some pics of the seats and the new brakes when you get 'em.which wheels are you getting from all? the ones that are on his inno?what wheels will all use then?

wb said...

I'll shoot the seats, after I get the second one mounted. I'll also post some shots of the brakes, once they're over the pond.Mamba of Halifax. *They look like this, but NOT this color.All will be using some wheels off his lawnmower... heheh, a mini joke. oi!

handrail said...

sweet! look good. me likey.

handrail said...

heh, and speaking of small wheel jokes. when i bought the newest 02, i had to leave it overnite in chesapeake at the shop. i asked Mike if it would be safe out in front of the shop. he said "yeah, should be fine. no one is going to take those 13" wheels, that's for sure. they aren't big enough for any of the people around here." yeah, i don't think there is any possible way to put 20" spinners on an 02.