21 November 2006

Crap... need to find this.

Race to Dakar


handrail said...

usually aussietorrents.com has stuff like that. but i don't see it up there yet. but the broadcast doesn't happen in australia until thursday.

e6 said...

So what are you trying to say with..

watashi no oshiri kara te o dokete itadakemasen ka?

cause it means

Would you like it if I removed my hand from my ass?


So I guess, in that case, yes.. by all means remove your hand from your ass! Might as well check the prostate while you're in there...

Maybe better..

Anata no oshiri kara, boku no ashi o dokete mo ii desu ka..

Is it ok if I remove my foot from your ass?

wb said...

It was a comment from an IM session. I thought it was "Would you mind removing your hand from my ass?"... I guess it was some rusty nipponese!