24 February 2007

Week two, bits!

As I sit here at the fvcking toyota dealer... I'd really like to have something to do. like um, smoke! Well, not really. I've had little in the way of cravings. No cheating at all since I stopped. So, I am going to eat something totally redonkulous! I've been on a diet too... 18.5lbs since Dec!

jebus, can I make things harder on myself?

In other news, I had to get some EVDO cards for the CEO & EVP of my company. Both are mac users, so that means I have to support them. That also means I get an EVDO card! w00t! These things are smoking fast. 1148kbps,d/573kbps,u !!! Sprint. Merlin EX720. Native OSX driver support.

ok, enough geeky-ness for today.


handrail said...

so what did you eat? a spoonful of peanut butter dipped in M&Ms then covered with maple syrup?


wb said...

kik. no, i allowed myself to have a sandwich @ jimmy johns... 14 w/cheese, no mayo! switched the fats around. yes, i am lame. But I broke 177 this weekend! Was at almost 200# in Dec!

fish said...

sweet radio broadband!

had two cigarettes over the weekend. my stomache was killing me all weekend long and the anti-acids weren't helping. I heard that smoking helps that, so I tried it. two evenings, two cigarettes, first day it helped a lot, discomfort went away, second day it only mildly reduced my stomach ache. so two data points. graph that.

all said...

I played w/ the Verizon EVDO card (Alyssa got one from Boeing).

Very nice, i like, high five! /borat

Jimmy Johns sammich is not redonkulus. A battered, deep fried mars bar at the Scottish Arms is.

wb said...

ok, My BMR calorie amount is ~3500

I eat less than 2000 each day. I workout everyday. Soon to add aikido back into the mix.

When I am eating small amounts, JJ sammich is very redonkulous!

all said...

I thought of you today and how many calories cheese is. So i didn't get any munster on my pastrami sandwich from Carls.

all said...


I know we need someone since McCarty was released, but Bertuzzi? That guy should be in jail.

h3nry said...

/me rises from his vodka induced slumber. Did somebody say Carl's? pastrami and corn beef Reuben please.

handrail said...

you still alive? did the lack of carbon monoxide spoil your anaerobic brainmeats?