07 February 2008

For the suburban man who truly has too much money, I present the:

Alton F650 XUV

The F-650-based XUV was built by Alton Manufacturing and carries a GVWR of 25,999 lbs. That makes the 660 ft-lbs of torque generated by its 7.2L Caterpillar engine seem paltry. Besides the big-rig-meets-Excursion bodywork, your nearly $200,000 expenditure for this XUV will get you hardwood floors, custom captains chairs, a 42-speaker sound system, two drop-down 16-inch TVs plus a 42-inch plasma, four computer workstations, plus a train horn.

For $200,000 I'd rather buy 10 Vtec Mini's or anything other than this land tank for homo sapien, vegrandis phallus.


handrail said...

holy 'mercan consumption, batman! why, just why? damn right it needs a train horn, you'll have to have it towed by a diesel electric train engine when it breaks down. and we know it will break down since it's a ford.

i dig the simpler lay out. i'll be tapping you for blog ad related ?s in the nearish future too.