26 March 2008

Has anyone seen this thing? BMW F800GS

I made the mistake of stopping by the local BMW dealership yesterday to drool a little. I was talking to the guy about the R1200GSA HUM-V, as he put it. We moved on to the topic of LWD;weight, EX terrain, etc. Then this thing came up:


Sounds like a cool bike. odd that they moved to a upright twin. I guess it makes it easier to drop/pickup in the field? It looks more like a Dakar bike, and a lot lighter than the R1200GS. You can put a GF/Wife on it... Leslie? Maria? Annie?


handrail said...

*not into*

handrail said...

anime won't go for that bike. she's not a super motard/enduro style bikes.

all said...

It was only a matter of time before they put ot the GS model of the F800. I know the S and ST models were received well, i'm sure this one will be popular as well.

Buy it!