29 October 2008

McCane's 10 changes needed to win.

He needs the following:
Uno. Gain 1.8% in Florida.
Duo. Gain 5.4% in Ohio.
Tree. Maintain his 3.9% lead in Georgia.
Fore. Gain 1.9% in North Carolina.
Roku. Gain 2.0% in Indiana.
eksi. Gain 1.7% in Missouri.
Seven. Gain 4.6% in Nevada.
Ocho. Edge a little bit ahead in Montana and North Dakota.
Nuen. Turn this around in Virginia by gaining 7.5%.
Dhas. Then either win Pennsylvania or one of the following three states (Colorado, Iowa, New Mexico).


Eleventeen. The head of Osama Bin Laden mounted to the bumper of the Straight Lie Express.

um, yeah. good luck, but then again you do have Diebold (ES&S) cheating for you.