01 August 2004

80's TV hair

Today, Tracy and I were driving down 44 when we passed a Coyote on a trailer. I was trying to remember which TV show featured the car. I thought it was Greatest American Hero, but it was Hardcastle & McCormick. Damn the 80's man-perm!!! I was confused by their hair...

Hardcastle & McCormick

Greatest American Hero


wb said...

people fear the bimbo boxes and the SAVs. I'm not sure I would drive my bel-aire on the roads... too damn hard to repair, idiot related, damage.

handrail said...

how the hell could you forget such a...uhh...ummm...well yeah, it was a pretty forgetable show. but that car was the coolest. must a been weekend for trailer queens. we passed a '56 (i think) bel-aire yesterday on a trailer. drive your cars, bastards!