04 November 2004

Enough said???

Rule 100,A

Handrail & Anime brought the IQ up in VA, but I guess the rest of us in MO couldn't do more.

Yeah, It's mi-zoor'e... asshats!


all said...

i saw another chart that was similar but it included income as well.

nuh-huh said...

Uhh....I contest the listing for Connecticut. 113 is the average? I think not. B and I will share evidence to the contrary....CT is filled with wackadoodles!

handrail said...

aye, wackadoodles aplenty.everyone is an asshat...no IQ averaging needed.

wb said...

OT: comment for you SPF2T players...It's ON!!!SPF2T is working on the xbox! booyah.*&*I found an ISO prog. for the Mac!