28 November 2004

C'était un rendez-vous

All I can say is WOW!

this is a big file, please right click and save it to your desktop.


handrail said...

sweet, i knew you'd find it!had a blast on friday, sorry it was such a short visit...leviticus 12:5

wb said...

now that my site is back...I lost the archives while trying to backup my site. I sent 7 emails to 1&1 to request a restore. I received some interesting engrish responses. I finally got a tgz file of my site. What a pain in the ass.Friday was fun. It was too bad it was a short visit, but a drunken one! Apparently Nate was quite sick that night... weed+alcohol=badness!Roxella the phonics beaver says "Remember to quote your headlines!"