20 January 2005

Game Mechanics - g33k the mage!

Jebus. (Shadowrun) We made it through several battle rounds during our game mechanics run-through. We did ranged and melee battle. It was very simple no cover situations, basically people standing there shooting each other O.K. Corral style. Dr. Evil drops like a fly after a few combat phases. T tried a stealth movement, missed the d6 rolls. She even tried to punch All, and took stun damage from it... L, Dr. Evil, and T had damage. All was unscathed, someone forgot to attack him. Then fish rolled out the Moxious Mage smackdown. With one offensive action he killed All! It was sweet, but the glazed look on everyones faces, due to the gaming engine, was classic.

It was decided that the d20, similar to D&D 2nd ed., would be an easier engine. Everyone wants to play for the sake of roleplaying, not for the highly detailed and realistic engine that Shadowrun provides. I think we'll take the setting, the ideas, and the stories, and leave the engine behind. Oi!

What a pain in the ass...