21 January 2005

This why 'hard' evidence is very important...

So... We know that I am unemployed, and on the dole for benefits. 'cept I have been disqualified from benefits because SLU submitted paperwork to allow DES to determine that. I, however, didn't have a chance to respond. Bastards! I filed an appeal, the phone appeal was on Tuesday. The decision was mail yesterday... DES overturned the original decision.

"While there is significant evidence to show the claimant's connection to the computer, the evidence also shows that the computer was not secured with access limited by a password and that others had access to this computer. Accordingly, there is no competent and substanial evidence showing that the claimant is the individual who deleted the information off the computer. Accordingly, the evidence is insufficent to establish the claimant's involvement..."

WRONGFUL TERMINATION! Now, if I only had a JD...

I got your "plausible explaination" right here, fuckers!