23 March 2005

I am the thirty-ninth bodhisattva of recalcitrance... I know.


1. resisting control: stubbornly resisting the authority or control of another

2. hard to do or handle: difficult to deal with or operate
struggling in front of the mirror with a recalcitrant necktie

noun (plural re·cal·ci·trants)
stubborn opponent: somebody who stubbornly resists authority or control by another
A few recalcitrants refused to submit.

[Mid-19th century. Directly or via French from Latin recalcitrant- present participle stem of recalcitrare , literally “to kick back� (used of horses), from calcitrare “to kick (with the heels),� from the stem of calc- “heel.�]

re·cal·ci·trance noun