17 March 2005

Do we really need a parade in Dogtown for people to get sauced early on St.P's Day?

Twice today I forgot it was St.P's day.

First when I got into work and noticed another person wearing a green shirt and khakis... I got that "Did I put my pants on?" feeling; then I felt pissed because it was Gimli, then I finally remembered what fvcking day it was. I didn't plan my wardrobe for the day, I just grabbed the first shirt I saw this morning... Argh!

The second time was on the way home, 64/40 was packed at 1623... this never happens. So, I cut off on Hampton to do my usual Dogtown 'shortcut' Rendezvous style. First fvcking stop sign: blocked with cops. Every other street was one way, whomever planned it was spot on. They did a good job, but it was the drunk fvcks who forgot how to read (after their 2nd Bud Light) were the problem. Once I cleared the maze of green clothes, I made it to Mitchell. This is the road that runs up to McCausland from Manchester. There were two fire trucks trying to turn on to Mitchell. Sirens, lights, horns; the BudLighties were oblivious... I got sick of waiting, so I cut between two groups of people and charged up the hill. Then this drunk idiot jumps into the street, up mitchell 300 yards from me, and tried to wave me to the side of the road. In the most comical drunken, arms swinging like an Singaporean traffic cop, way. Mind you, the fire trucks are 250 feet behind me. He came within 1 foot of my car; I was doing 30-35mph. He may have stepped too close... Or did he, hmmm.