30 June 2006


I am now a "transitional contractor" for NIC. I am done working there as a real employee. I feel like I wasted so much of the last 7 months of my life, for naught. What a waste... As any of you who do call me, I will not have the 720-935-**** phone any longer. I am relieved that I don't have to deal with that bullshit anymore. I don't have to be the scapegoat for an immature under-qualified asshat. I hope you learn some personal responsibility, soon!


handrail said...

well that suck-diddily-ucks. so are you still pulling in full time cash or only working on an as needed basis?

aikidoka_ said...

In as needed basis. I am sure that I'll need to help them transfer all of the SA "shit" to some contractor. But I think they finally saw how burnt out I am. Plus, I wasn't exactly nice about the latest issue... Sick of being blamed for others poor/incomplete work.

I have to layout the needs, as I see them, for the changes of the processes and infrastructure. Then give those to the general manager. Maybe this will help them figure out the real issues at CI.

e6 said...

Wow, that really sucks. So basically they are saying, "If we need your, we'll call you, and pay you." Weren't you working directly for them or was it a contract position? Se la vie. Started looking for a new job yet or enjoying some time off?

aikidoka_ said...

It was a full time gig...

I have been looking for a job for the last month. I was really unhappy for the last few months. My boss was blaming every mistake he made on me. I had to endure the "scapegoat" syndrome. He'll learn, I just hope he doesn't do it to the next person. But, I suspect it will continue in the same dysfunctional manner. That, and he created an infrastructure that's far to complicated for what they're trying to do.

I will find something else soon. I'll not do the 100 hour a week thing ever again. It never pays to do more work than they pay for... fvck3rs!

all said...

Damn, i just deleted your old number. Fucker!

Moi said...

Well that bites and
sorry I didn't know
HAHA I tried that number today

I flippin call ya! Occassionally.
Check your email

Amy ;)

Mom said...

I'm so sorry. I've learned recently at my job that the more you do, the more you work and give them extra hours, the more they smile and f*ck you over. I am looking at jobs too - one in New Orleans - not sure I will get it or be able to deal w/ humidity if I do, but wtf? There's one in CA but who can afford to live there. So you have the old number still?

Hang in there - you are smarter and better than those idiots.