10 June 2006

Pig Anakin

This is Zeb's Pig Anakin picture he did on my white board at the office.


Mom said...

OMG he is so grown!!! Talented too! Of course. Give him a hug for me.

AMY said...

Nice teeth Zeb has there! I guess he go those from????
Good hairdo to cover the ear with!

So how long is he staying? Having fun?? Call sometime PITA!


PS Hug him and tell him to email Isabelle..I think she's still taller!

handrail said...

excellent, now get him to draw a giraffe vader.

all said...

I wanna see a chihuahua jabba.

And give him a hug from me also...wait a sec...strike that.

Erica said...

Zeb go those beautiful teeth from his mom's paternal side.

zeb( the boy in the picture) said...

I agree with mee mee, I did do a good job.